UFO News: Strange Objects Captured Hovering Near The Sun Using SOHO Camera

UFO news stories usually tell of mysterious flying objects hovering above our own planet Earth, but there have been recent reports suggesting that alleged aliens have been visiting the sun on a regular basis, presumably to siphon energy from the massive ball of flame.

On May 20, Tyler Glockner, a YouTube user who runs a popular UFO channel called SecureTeam10, which has nearly 900k followers, posted a new video showing footage of alleged UFOs hovering near the sun entitled “UNKNOWN Craft Meeting Up In Space.” The footage was reportedly taken via the SOHO camera, a satellite that has been orbiting the sun since 1995. Designed to study the internal structure of the sun, SOHO images and videos are available to anybody for viewing. As such, a couple of UFO enthusiasts pointed out “anomalous activity” in some of the footage taken via the SOHO satellite, suggesting that alien spacecraft have been visiting our sun on a regular basis for possibly millions of years.

In the video, Tyler of SecureTeam10 showed a footage uploaded by StreetCap1, showing “two artificial objects” that appear to be meeting up near the sun. The UFO researcher described the first object as looking like a swan but with a tiny object protruding from its “head.” Another strange object is seen hovering in front of it, and it appears to be undergoing a reconnaissance mission alongside the first alleged UFO.

To bolster his hypothesis, Tyler of SecureTeam10 showed another SOHO image of two artificial-looking objects flying near the sun. The footage was originally uploaded by another UFO researcher, who identifies himself as myunhauzen74 on his YouTube channel.


The first UFO, SecureTeam10 pointed out, looked eerily similar to the ancient aircraft carved into the wall panel on the side of an Egyptian temple. Showing a side-by-side comparison of the SOHO image and the Egyptian wall art, the UFO enthusiast suggested the two objects are of the same make and that these alleged UFOs have been visiting Earth since the time of the ancient Egyptians.

SecureTeam10 then panned toward the right-hand corner of the SOHO image, showing another mysterious object more vaguely shaped than the first one. He panned towards the ancient Egyptian wall art again to show another alleged UFO, pointing out its similarity with the second UFO in the SOHO image.

These UFO sightings near the sun are interesting on account of the “alien megastructure” hypothesis recently made by astronomers after detecting irregularities in the light being emitted by Tabby’s Star, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Tabby’s Star’s light first dipped back in 1995, causing scientists to make a handful of possible explanations that might explain its behavior, including a swarm of comets, a planet that recently exploded, and massive electromagnetic activity. But recent findings suggest that these hypotheses aren’t feasible, leading scientists to consider the possibility that the star’s dimming was caused by an “alien megastructure.”

Last May 19, Jason Wright, an associate professor of astronomy and astrophysics at Penn State, broke the news on Twitter that Tabby’s star has dimmed again. He urged fellow astronomers to direct their telescopes toward the star and to send him a spectra graph thereafter.

“At about 4 a.m. this morning I got a phone call … that Fairborn [Observatory] in Arizona had confirmed that the star was three percent dimmer than it normally is,” Wright said during a live webcast yesterday at 2 p.m. EDT (1800 GMT). “That is enough that we are absolutely confident that this is no statistical fluke. We’ve now got it confirmed at multiple observatories, I think.”

While it may take more years of observation before scientists can determine what’s causing Tabby’s star’s light to dim, the study is made more interesting by the recent footage showing alleged UFOs paying the sun a regular visit. For all we know, aliens from outer space might have been siphoning energy from suns (or stars) as if they’re gas stations, and the sun from our solar systems might be one of their regular stops.

Do you think these UFO sightings detected near the sun via SOHO images are legitimate? Sound off in the comments section below.

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