Kylie Jenner Gives Up On Tyga Reconciliation: She’s Obsessed With Travis Scott In ‘KUWTK’ Romance

Kylie Jenner has officially given up on her relationship with Tyga, it has been revealed, with sources adding that the reality star is head over heels in love with Travis Scott.

When Kylie Jenner started seeing Travis, she didn’t think she’d be so in love with him right away. In fact, it was even considered that the socialite would get back with Tyga, especially since the duo was famously known to have broken up and gotten back together on multiple occasions.

But as Kylie Jenner has traveled to different states with her new beau, celebrated Travis’ birthday together, and has already been introduced to his family, the 19-year-old couldn’t be happier being with the 24-year-old.

Hollywood Life claims that Kylie Jenner has realized that she doesn’t want to get back with Tyga. She cherishes the good times they’ve had together, but considering the fact that they’ve called it quits on so many occasions, it seems apparent that they just aren’t meant to be together.

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Right now, Kylie Jenner is simply focused on her future. Her reality show, Life of Kylie, is just months away from premiering on the E! network, Deadline confirms, while her clothing line and cosmetic business endeavors are also said to be expanding over the next couple of weeks.

It’s nice for Kylie Jenner to know that while she’s busy working on building an even bigger brand for herself, she can come home and know that she has someone waiting for her. The relationship she shares with Scott is unlike any other — she fully trusts him and is fully committed to their romance.

“Tyga’s pretty much given up on any hopes of reuniting with Kylie,” a source reveals. “Now it seems there really is something between them, and Tyga’s finally accepting it.”

“All his attempts to make Kylie jealous have fallen flat and she’s not bitten at all. Tyga’s pretty much kicking himself for messing up and for not keeping Kylie, she’s definitely going to be the ‘one that got away’ for him.’ Travis’ family loved Kylie, they think she’s a total sweetheart. They love that she is so successful in her own right, it makes them confident that she’s with Travis for all the right reasons, and that she’s not using him for fame or fortune.”

News of Kylie Jenner’s decision in not wanting to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend comes just weeks after the reality star allegedly told family and friends that she wants to settle down with Scott, having realized that there’s a strong chance they’ll share a future together.

Kylie Jenner is already alleged to have asked Travis whether he would be interested in moving into her Beverly Hills mansion, which she’s currently renting while her Hidden Hills home is undergoing renovations.

According to insiders, fans will get to see an inside look to Kylie Jenner’s life once her reality show airs in July, where viewers will also be introduced to Travis, who will reportedly play an important figure in multiple episodes.

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The show supposedly started taping right after Kylie Jenner called it quits with Tyga, so there’s sure to be a lot of things the 19-year-old will want to address throughout the series.

For the time being, Kylie Jenner can currently be seen on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which airs every Sunday on the E! network.

Kylie Jenner has yet to respond to claims that she has given up on a possible Tyga reconciliation, but considering how great things are going between the socialite and Travis, it would seem odd for her to leave Scott just to get back with the man she constantly called it quits with.

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