Roger Stone Tweet: Saudi Arabia Honor ‘Makes Me Want To Puke’

Donald Trump is currently touring the Middle East as part of his first international trip as president, and his first stop was Saudi Arabia, something that seemed to ruffle the feathers of supporter Roger Stone. While in the country, Trump was awarded the Order of Abdulaziz from King Salman bin Abdulaziz in a highly-publicized ceremony. A ceremony in which the president bowed down to King Salman as a golden medallion was placed over his head.

Roger Stone clearly didn’t approve, taking to Twitter to share his less-than-gracious thoughts shortly thereafter, writing that it made him “want to puke.”

First, a little background. Despite Roger Stone’s thoughts regarding Trump’s Saudi Arabian honor, the Order of Abdulaziz has been bestowed on past sitting U.S. presidents. Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama were also honored by the kingdom in the same way. Not to mention that the Order of Abdulaziz is the highest civilian honor that Saudi Arabia has to offer. Not bad for a president who has been engaged in an ongoing legal battle over his “Muslim ban” almost since his inauguration.

Apparently, Roger Stone didn’t see anything positive about his president being honored by Saudi Arabia in such a manner. Afterward, Stone launched into a slew of tweets that lamented his need to puke as well as blamed Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, for the situation.

In his “puke” tweet, Roger Stone included the hashtag #JaredsIdea, although Stone never mentions why he believes that the man who is both Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor is to “blame” for Trump being honored by Saudi Arabia, reports CNN.

In addition to calling out Trump for making him want to puke and blaming Jared Kushner for coming up with the idea of Trump’s behavior in the first place, Roger Stone also called Saudi Arabia “the enemy.” Stone also had a suggestion for what Trump should be doing rather than spending his time bowing to the Saudi king and accepting awards. Namely, Roger Stone called on the president to “demand” that the kingdom reimburse America for the September 11 attacks. Attacks that, according to Stone, Saudi Arabia paid for.

Just days before Roger Stone called Trump and Kushner out on Twitter over the Order of Abdulaziz ceremony, Trump publicly appeared to call out his former campaign adviser over claims that Roger Stone had been behind the controversial Trump call to fire FBI director James Comey amid his Russia probe. Trump called the reports that Stone had advised him “fake news,” adding that it’s been quite some time since he’d even spoken to Stone.

It has been widely reported that Roger Stone is among the Trump associates who are being investigated by the FBI — and formerly James Comey — for their alleged ties to Russia.

While Roger Stone had nothing good to say about Donald Trump’s interaction with the Saudi king, he did seem to approve of Melania Trump’s conduct while she joins her husband on his Middle Eastern jaunt. Like Michelle Obama before her, Melania opted to forgo the traditional headscarf during her foray into Saudi Arabia. Roger Stone lauded her for her decision.

It didn’t take long for the media to pick up on Roger Stone’s Twitter criticism of Trump’s Saudi Arabian honor, drawing attention to the controversial conservative figure and his tweets. Throughout the drama, Stone continued to defend himself, and just hours ago retweeted a comment from a social media user defending his flagrant calling-out of the president.

Stone also retweeted the CNN article drawing so much attention to his seemingly anti-Trump sentiments and decidedly anti-Saudi attitude. According to Roger Stone, despite his criticism of Trump, he’s still a supporter. However, sticking to his guns he called it “disturbing” to see Trump “embrace those who financed 9/11 attack on America.”

So far, Donald Trump has yet to publicly respond to Roger Stone’s criticism, focusing rather on other aspects of his Middle Eastern trip.

As for Roger Stone, he isn’t the only one who has done a bit of Trump trolling since the president touched down in Saudi Arabia. Many social media users have pointed out the disparity between Trump’s past words about Muslims and the way he’s behaved when faced with the leaders of Muslim-majority countries.

At least one social media user claims that the biggest Trump troll is Trump himself.

What do you think about Roger Stone’s assertion that seeing Trump honored in Saudi Arabia makes him “want to puke”? Do you approve of the new face of Trump/Saudi relations? Let us know in the comments below.

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