Video Captures The Ghost Of Woman’s Son, Danny, From Former Life Walking Past TV

A 45-year-old woman, Mandy Baynham, in Wednesfield, West Midlands says that she captured the ghost of her son named Danny from a former life as he walked past her television, according to the Daily Mail.

Baynham was watching television in her home when she captured the ghostly image of a boy walking by. In the 48-second video, a ghostly image of boy’s head and his shoulder is seen floating by the television.

The mother of three children says that she captured another video, which depicts a small “gold spark,” near her television before a ghostly figure appeared. She says, “I’ve always been a spiritual person, but I had never really explored my passion until about 10 months back when I started to sense this angel’s lovely, warm presence all around me.”

“I started taking lots of photos and videos, and I could see this beautiful spirit. It was amazing. I could tell right away it was a little boy and that he was always with me so I went to get a reading.”

After turning to a medium, Baynham was shocked to learn that the ghostly figure of the child she captured on video was that of her young son, Danny, from a former life. “I couldn’t believe it,” she said. The medium told her that she met a Jamaican man named Stefan from Morocco in Newton County, USA, in the 1920s, and she would sneak into a barn to see him. Afterward, she fell “madly in love” with the man and became pregnant with his child, a baby boy.

Her relationship with Stefan was reportedly forbidden because the pair were “really young.” When her parents learned of Baynham’s pregnancy, they told her that they would send Stefan away and her son would be put up for adoption.

Once Danny was born, he began living with another family. Then, one day, while he was outside playing with a ball, he began chasing it into the street. An oncoming truck struck the boy, and he later died. It was not immediately made clear how the boy was when he was killed. Baynham stated that after hearing about her past life caused her to break down in tears.

Baynham was told that ever since her son’s death, “Danny’s soul has been searching for mine. It took a while, but he’s finally found me and now we’re always together. It is so beautiful that bond between a mom and her son.”

She went on to say that she hears “Danny’s mischievous spirit jumping on the bed or switching the kettle off when she makes a cup of tea.”

Baynham kept the ghostly footage of her son from a past life to herself, but she recently decided to share the videos publicly in an effort to get people to become open-minded about the “existence of paranormal.” She said, “Throughout my life, I have had an extra sense of how people are feeling and I could always sense spirits, but I never developed it.”

Prior to learning about Danny and her past life, Baynham stated that she was in a “very dark place.” Now, she is taking this information and turning it into a positive, saying that “the fact he has found me is a blessing, it is a miracle. And now he is always with me and I am surrounded by love and beauty.”

“It encouraged me to start really exploring my passion and in doing that, I have found out a lot about myself, I have started to blossom.”

Baynham is now making plans to “develop her natural abilities offering tarot and photograph readings online.” She will soon open up her own business.

[Featured Image by Mandy Baynham/Facebook]

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