August 25, 2016
Amber Portwood To Confront Matt Baier’s Baby Mama On ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion?

Amber Portwood has either been a very forgiving or a very blind person after meeting Matt Baier. Even though the two bonded over their troubled pasts and their former drug addictions, Amber felt that she had found someone special, who could give her the support she needed as she continued to film Teen Mom after her prison release. Surprisingly, Portwood may not have known too much about the man she met on Twitter just shortly after becoming single. However, red flags have been popping up all over the place, and it has caused her to postpone their October wedding. Maybe Portwood wants to clean up in Matt's personal affairs before continuing with the relationship.

According to a new Radar Online report, Amber Portwood may confront one of Matt's ex-girlfriends on Teen Mom this year, as one of the mothers of his children wants to come on the reunion show to do a DNA test. Baier had told Amber that he only had two children, but Gary Shirley learned that Matt was being sued for thousands of dollars in child support for at least seven children. Now, more women have come forward, and the number is nine children. Kelli Maguire Nunn wants the world to know that he's lying and that he is indeed that deadbeat dad that Amber Portwood feared her would be.

"All of the women should go on the reunion show, and demand he take a DNA test," Nunn revealed to Radar Online, adding, "He can't deny science!"

Kelli's story sounds very similar to the other stories that have surfaced about Matt. The two got involved in a quick romance and then engagement. When she got pregnant with the couple's daughter, he vanished. She sued him for child support, and he owes thousands, according to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, according to Radar Online. It has been years since they split, but she still wants justice for her child.

"It's still a bit weird for me, it's still like watching my past life, and an actress is playing me," Nunn has revealed about watching Matt on Teen Mom as he's rebuilding a life with Amber Portwood, adding, "The stuff that he says to Amber is all the stuff he said to me."

When Amber learned about the children, she was shocked because she didn't want to be with a deadbeat dad. In fact, she was in shock over how much he had lied to Amber about his children. Portwood said that she didn't want to be with a deadbeat dad, but she continues to be with him to this day.

"Everyone knows now he's a sleazy guy, that he isn't honest," she reveals about Baier, adding, "There's something wrong with him."

Sadly, the custody scandal and the owing child support are just a few of the things that Matt has lied about. As it turns out, it seems like he was desperate to be with someone on Teen Mom, and it didn't matter who it was. According to In Touch Weekly, Farrah Abraham and her mother learned that Matt had actually tried to date her first before moving on to other Teen Mom stars. This played out on this week's episode. Sadly, he was ignored, and he tried hitting up Jenelle Evans next. When that didn't work, he settled for Amber Portwood, who got caught up in the whirlwind romance with Baier. They are now engaged, but the wedding has been postponed due to his lies. Many of Portwood co-stars want her to leave him and find someone else, who deserves her.

What do you think of Amber Portwood possibly being confronted by Baier's ex-girlfriends at the reunion? Do you think the truth needs to come out about the paternity rumors?

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV]