‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Week of May 22 to May 26, Tearful Goodbyes With Brady, Plane Crash In Greece

Days of Our Lives fans know it is down to the wire for Brady. Without a heart transplant, he is going to die. As John, Tate and the rest of his loved ones gather, the group in Greece is facing more trouble as well. The following are Days of Our Lives spoilers. Don’t continue to read if you don’t want to know.

Fans of Days of Our Lives know that Vivian Jovanni is leaving the show. This is the week that her story line ends on the set of Days of Our Lives as Ciara has had enough of the whole situation with Wyatt and Theo. She feels very betrayed by them and even more hurt that her letter was intercepted by her cousin Claire. Ciara decides to leave Salem and all the betrayal behind.

Paul and Sonny are hot on the trail of Deimos in Greece. They manage to capture Guy and get him to JJ, who wastes no time trying to get information out of him. Turns out that Guy has plenty to say and tells them where the villa is. Days of Our Lives fans will see Hope, JJ, Lani and Eli make their way to the villa. Once there, they search for any evidence they can find against Deimos and Xander. Finally, Deimos’ evil plan is exposed. Any hope he had for getting Nicole back is now gone forever but she can see that she may never be free of him. Deimos is arrested and Hope takes her prisoner back to Salem.

Elsewhere in Greece, we have the makings of a Greek tragedy. According to She Knows, a plane crash leaves Chad, Gabi, Paul, Sonny, JJ, Lani and Eli stranded on the island. Will our Days of Our Lives A-team be able to make it off the private island and find their way back to Salem or is the curse of the amulet upon them?

Back in Salem, Steve is planning on pampering Kayla and has no idea that Tripp has been fueled with vengence by Jade. She is bitter, angry and can’t be trusted to keep the Johnson family secrets. Days of Our Lives fans have known this was coming for a while as Kayla cut off her financial purse strings and stopped footing her bills. We will have to tune in to see how deep Tripp’s need for revenge is.

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Abigail and Dario are really going to do this. The two plan a meeting with Immigration where they will profess their love and devotion to each other as well as their plans to marry. Dario is getting his Days of Our Lives dream girl, no matter what it takes.

Abigail and Dario from 'Days Of Our Lives' promo shot.
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Brady is slipping. Daniel’s heart doesn’t have much more time before it stops and things are looking bleak. John and Tate come to Brady’s bedside for what they think will be their final goodbye. In a heartbreaking scene, Days of Our Lives viewers will see Brady say goodbye to young Tate in a scene that is sure to tug your heartstrings. Watching John try to remain strong for his son as he faces losing him won’t be easy either. Once Brady slips into a coma, an unexpected visitor comes to him.

Sonny has worked hard to prove to Victor that he is ready to take the seat of power at Titan. Victor now sees it and agrees with Sonny. Days of Our Lives fans will see changes as Sonny becomes the man in charge of the Kiriakas family business.

Dr. Dan Jonis makes another appearance to Nicole this week on Days of Our Lives. He shows up in time to give her some much-needed guidance to get out of the situation she is in.

Do you think the stranded Salemites will make it out of Greece? Where will they find a new heart for Brady? Are you sad to see Vivian Jovanni leave the set of Days of Our Lives? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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