Charlie Hunnam: Here’s What Happened When David Beckham Made His ‘King Arthur’ Cameo

Charlie Hunnam can’t seem to stop gushing about David Beckham’s critically-slammed cameo appearance in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

Football superstar David Beckham’s cameo appearance in the new King Arthur flick was certainly reason enough to see the Guy Ritchie film, but critics and viewers now unanimously say that the film was a “total disaster.”

It doesn’t stop Charlie Hunnam, who has previously publicly admitted that he has a crush on David Beckham, from gushing over the football superstar in an apparent attempt to draw more viewers to cinemas to see the new King Arthur film.

So far, however, things aren’t looking good for King Arthur as the film brought in only $14.7 million in the U.S. in its debut weekend last Friday despite its staggering $175 million budget.

In his new interview with the Guardian, Charlie Hunnam is apparently trying to redeem David Beckham’s reputation while, of course, saving the King Arthur six-part franchise and his salary in the process by praising the footballer for his dedication and commitment to the small role.

While viewers and critics failed to see dedication and commitment in David Beckham’s acting in the new King Arthur flick, Charlie Hunnam insists that the footballer was “very good for a guy who had never done it before.”

Charlie Hunnam, who says he was never a fan of football and may not know David Beckham’s entire history, is wrong, and it’s not the first time Beckham has stepped in front of the camera.

In fact, the last time David Beckham had to put his acting chops to test was in another Ritchie film, 2015’s The Man From UNCLE. Besides, David Beckham had plenty of onset experience when filming 2014’s TV short, Only Fools and Horses: Beckham in Peckham.

Despite the criticism from social media users, Charlie Hunnam can’t seem to stop praising David Beckham for his small role in the King Arthur film. Saying that Beckham had “a good work ethic” and was “striving for excellence,” the Sons of Anarchy star revealed that the footballer was a bit “nervous.”

But the nervousness was the least of David Beckham’s concerns on the set, as Charlie Hunnam says the footballer got a lot of on-set attention. Even the tough guys were screaming like “little girls at a Justin Bieber concert.”

“A lot of the tough guys on set that day were like little girls at a Justin Bieber concert.”

As embarrassing as it was for Charlie Hunnam to witness guys fawning over David Beckham, the even more embarrassing thing about the new King Arthur flick is its box office figures and sour reviews from critics.

Earning only $14.7 million in the U.S. in its opening weekend, the new King Arthur flick is becoming a big headache for the film’s creators and Warner Bros., as their reported plans to turn King Arthur starring Charlie Hunnam into a six-film franchise are now standing on thin ice.

While even the gravitas of David Beckham did little good for the King Arthur film, there is reportedly no light at the end of the tunnel for the planned franchise, as sources say that further sequels to the 2017 film are now “dead,” according to The Sun.

The insider cited by the publication said the film’s figures during its opening weekend were a “total disaster” and called it “one of the biggest film flops in recent memory.”

The new King Arthur film, which prompted social media users to grill David Beckham like a cheeseburger for his acting skills, debuted in No. 3 place in the U.S., behind Snatched and with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 leading the pack.

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