Trump’s Twitter: Police Week Is May 14-20 – Reactions To #PoliceWeek, #ThankACop, And #LESM Pour Into Twitter

The proclamation of “Police Week” from the Twitter account of President Donald J. Trump may seem to have come late, towards the end of “Police Week,” and might be called a Twitter attempt to distract from President Trump’s ability to spell the word counsel correctly, as reported by the Inquisitr, but nevertheless, “Police Week” is here.

As seen on a Twitter status posted to President Trump’s Twitter account on May 18, at 10:03 p.m., President Trump told folks on Twitter that May 15 is Peace Officers Memorial Day and May 14 through May 20 is “Police Week.” With the tweet being posted on May 18, toward the end of “Police Week,” President Trump is getting a variety of reactions to his “Police Week” tweet.

As seen on the official White House website, the news about the proclamation was published on May 15, towards the start of “Police Week.” The below video from President Trump’s Twitter account urges people “who see a cop on the beat” to say two words the next time they see the police officer: “Thank you. Thank you.”

President Trump’s tweet about “Police Week” came in the wake of the activities shown above on Capitol Hill from Monday, May 15. President Trump can be seen pumping his fist at the 36th annual National Peace Officers Memorial Service in Washington. Joining President Trump in the above photo are Chuck Canterbury, the National Fraternal Order of Police president, as well as Vice President Mike Pence, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Trumps Twitter Police Week Is May 14 - 20 - Reactions To PoliceWeek ThankACop And LESM Twitter
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The statement from the White House about Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week contained language regarding honoring police officers that have been hurt or killed during the course of their police work. Calling police officers “the thin blue line” once more, the statement references the movie, The Thin Blue Line. According to IMDB’s description of The Thin Blue Line, the movie focuses on police corruption.

“A film that successfully argued that a man was wrongly convicted for murder by a corrupt justice system in Dallas County, Texas.”

However, the White House statement about “Police Week” notes that 118 police officers died in 2016 while performing their police duties. It also goes on to note that 66 of those deaths of police officers were involved in “malicious attacks,” which purportedly increased 40 percent from 2015. The White House statement says “this must end.”

That statement claims that President Trump wants to make life better for police officers and their families by increasing the safety of police officers while they are on the job and making the process of police officers getting benefits after tragedies a faster one.

As expected, reactions to President Trump’s “Police Week” and the #PoliceWeek hashtag are all over the map on Twitter. The #ThankACop hashtag and the #LESM label, which seems to stand for “Law Enforcement Social Media,” are getting their fare share of reactions on Twitter as well. Some of the comments from Twitter to President Trump’s “Police Week” can be read below.

“The celebrates by canceling loan forgiveness programs for 1st Responders in the same week.”

We thank professional law enforcement everywhere. Thankful for some protection and order in this crazy world.”

“Sunday marked the beginning of throughout the United States. Thanks to all who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

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“Hey boss, isn’t a little bit convenient right after sacking , aaaaah what do I care … soon.”

“For the men and women in uniform I gladly for their public service but we all must remain vigilant against a growing .”

Don’t only thank one cop, Thank every cop.”

“Must give a huge shout-out to all of our POLICE OFFICERS and their families on this ! Forever grateful for all you do!!!”

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