Spurs Pose With Guns In Halloween Photo: Tony Parker And Tim Duncan Could Face Fines

Tony Parker and Tim Duncan could be in a little bit of trouble for a Halloween photo that recently surfaced on the internet. The photo shows the Spurs players pointing a gun at a man dressed up as NBA ref Joey Crawford.

The Urban Daily reports that Duncan and Parker were dressed up as The Punisher and Nick Fury and were carrying around a couple of fake guns. When they spotted someone dressed up as Joey Crawford, the NBA referee who kicked Duncan out of a game for laughing, they decided to pose for a stupid photo.

The photo was obviously a joke but NBA players have been fined before for taking stupid photos off the court. J.R. Smith, for instance, was fined for tweeting out a picture of a woman’s butt.

The NBA is also unhappy with the Spurs at the moment. The team was fined $250,000 for sitting their three star players during their game against the Miami Heat.

The league may also find it necessary to make an example out of Parker and Duncan for joking about guns since the NFL recently experienced a tragic murder-suicide.

spurs pose with guns

Do you think Tony Parker and Tim Duncan should be fined for posing with guns at the Halloween party?