Brad Pitt Divorce: Says Not Suicidal And States ‘It’s Just Life,’ Focused On Production And Acting

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have endured some very troublesome times over the past year and, until just recently, have been in the midst of a custody battle over their six children as well as divorce proceedings.

Following the announcement by Angelina Jolie that she was filing for divorce from the Allied star, the masses were left in shock and trying to uncover the reasons that Brangelina was no more. Initially, it all seemed to come down to a specific heated incident on a private jet that involved Brad being aggressive towards his 15-year-old son, Maddox. An FBI investigation was quickly launched and then concluded with news that Pitt had been cleared of any wrongdoing.

However, more claims were made such as those by filmmaker Ian Halperin, who insists that Jolie and Pitt had actually been estranged for nearly a year ahead of the UN envoy’s announcement. Haperin has made known that he is set to release a tell-all documentary outlining the start and end of the power couple and that he will go as far back as the Aniston-Pitt marriage’s final days to do so.

As the divorce proceedings carried on, Pitt made headlines for apparent addictions that have played a role in the split. Lately, the heartthrob has stepped out looking thinner than ever, which has also fueled the rumor mill regarding eating disorders and anxiety over the recent months.

Although Brad has been very quiet and stayed low profile leading up to this point, the father of six has finally spoken and is adamant that he has “no secrets” and is set on carrying on in his career and as a loving father. The Sun shares details of a recent Pitt appearance when the star spoke briefly about his current situation, emphasizing that he is not suicidal and simply ready to move forward despite the tumultuous time.

“[Brad Pitt], amid claims he was drunk and abusive towards their son Maddox, 15 — says his mental health is fine, as he is embracing the ‘beauty’ and ‘love’ the world has to offer. He said: ‘I’m not suicidal or something. There’s still much beauty in the world and a lot of love. And a lot of love to be given. It’s all right. It’s just life.'”

In their recent private settlement, Brad did end up giving over custody of his children to his ex-wife Angelina. The star did, however, note how his children are everything to him and that they take all of his focus, as they should.

“Kids are everything. Kids are your life. They’re taking all the focus, as they should anyway.”

When it comes to Pitt’s career focus, he admits that he is more drawn to production than starring these days.

“I feel myself as I’m older gravitating more to the producing side than being in front of the camera. It’s a big commitment, a film, and it does take you away from your family. I just have to balance that. It’s not less important itself, it’s just not as important as family.”

One of Pitt’s upcoming films within which he will star is the sequel to World War Z. The sequel was in limbo for some time as a director had not been determined. The film has now acquired the director of Fight Club, David Fincher.

As for Angelina Jolie, the actress, director, and human rights activist is also keeping busy with various endeavors. The beauty spoke out about the difficult times while she, Brad and the kids were in the middle of the custody battle and divorce, which has since settled. Jolie spoke affectionately about her family and admitted that she still believes Pitt to be a good father, as Highs Nobiety relays.

[Featured Image by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]