Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Will ‘Orgasm’ When We Go Over Fiscal Cliff [Audio]

Whether you love or hate the Democrats, it’s hard to imagine that they’ll be celebrating if the country goes over the “fiscal cliff” in January. However, that’s exactly what controversial pundit Rush Limbaugh thinks they’ll do, calling the prospect of national financial meltdown a “Democrat orgasm.”

The Conservative radio host said several times this past week that he believes President Obama actually wants to go over the fiscal cliff (because insanity). Limbaugh stated that the across-the-board tax hikes coming in the event of a plunge over the fiscal cliff amount to a Democrat’s “nirvana,” and that falling into another recession will elicit a “Democrat orgasm” in the country’s highest offices.

“Obama wants to go over the cliff,” Limbaugh said. “You cannot look at Barack Obama as a standard, typical American or Washington politician. He doesn’t have the same concern.”

He also opined that President Obama actually doesn’t care about the nation’s financial health long-term, or a legacy as a “debt reducer.” Rather, President Obama wants pet projects like Obamacare to succeed, and across-the-board tax increases are a way of doing that.

“So you say, ‘Okay, why would he want to go over the cliff?’ Well, what happens when we go over the cliff? A Democrat orgasm happens. Taxes go up for everybody. That’s nirvana to these people. Taxes go up on everybody on January 1st, in all kinds of ways: income, payroll, Obamacare, taxes go up for everybody. And then, after that, guess what Obama gets to do? He gets to call a national speech to the nation and blame the Republicans for it, and then come out for tax cuts.”

Don’t forget that last week, Limbaugh also said that the GOP should walk away from fiscal cliff negotiations and let the Democrats drive the country over the cliff. One of these things is not like the other.

Here’s audio of Rush Limbaugh saying a fiscal cliff plunge is a “Democrat orgasm” via Mediaite:

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