‘The Mummy’ Pits Tom Cruise Against The Ultimate Evil In The Final Trailer [Video]

The Mummy reboot will be debuting in theaters in just a few weeks, and in advance of that much anticipated release, Universal Pictures has dropped one last trailer for the feature. The studio is excited about this film for a number of reasons. Aside from featuring Tom Cruise in a new action film, The Mummy is expected to renew interest in Universal’s line-up of classic monsters. The motion picture company is hoping to reinvigorate the monster movie market, building franchises around the likes of Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman, and, of course, the Mummy, to compete with the Marvel and DC cinematic universes.

The Mummy Trailer Teases the Curse of the Ultimate Evil

In dropping the final trailer for The Mummy, Universal Pictures reveals a little more about the role Tom Cruise plays as Nick Morton, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, the new details come straight from Nick’s mentor. Played by Russell Crowe, Dr. Henry Jekyll tells Nick he only survived the plane crash that unleashed the mummy, because he shares that being’s curse.

The Mummy links Cruise and Sofia Boutella’s Ahmanet together in a way that allows Cruise’s character to raise arms up against “the ultimate evil” of the mummy.

The Mummy, Sofia Boutella
'The Mummy' brings Sofia Boutella as 'the ultimate evil' out to remake the world in her image. [Image by Universal Pictures]

“The very essence of evil calls to you now,” Crowe’s Jekyll tells Nick, when he realizes that he’s a changed man. “It takes a monster to defeat a monster.”

Throughout The Mummy trailer, we see Cruise accompanied by Annabelle Wallis (playing Jenny Halsey), as Ahmanet unleashes every manner of threat she can muster. The two face wild beasts, supernatural beings, and some of the craziest tumbles, falls, and crashes ever filmed, yet both survive. Nick Morton’s superhuman nature has already been explained, courtesy of Russell Crowe’s unmistakable baritone voice, but are viewers left to believe Jenny is just a very lucky woman?

Perhaps Dr. Jekyll will explain that, as well.

And speaking of Henry Jekyll, is Universal Pictures setting up Russell Crowe for a franchise of his own. Introducing Dr. Jekyll here may be a precursor to a Jekyll and Hyde film in the future.

The Mummy Brings Two Hollywood Legends Together

Making Russell Crowe the authority on all things supernatural in The Mummy seems like a no-brainer, and as Daily Mail reports, Tom Cruise would seem to agree. In a recent interview, Cruise spoke about working with Crowe, sharing that he was awed by Russell’s vast pool of talent from which he draws in giving his performances. As Dr. Jekyll, the actor brings a measure of believability to the film that might not otherwise have been possible.

“I had a blast with Russell (Crowe), he’s a brilliant actor,” says Cruise.

The Mummy star adds that he has always admired Crowe’s presence and has always wanted to work together with him. Cruise has now checked that box on his bucket list.

Cruise also agrees that Russell’s style was perfect for The Mummy.

“With a film like this, you’ve got to be bold,’ Tom said. “It’s a film that’s going to be scary, thrilling and quite adventurous.”

Mr. Cruise knows about presenting a bold front, as his co-stars on The Mummy learned, throughout the filming process. Tom did many of his own stunts, including the airplane crash scene, and CGI technology was not used, so Cruise’s fellow actors had to share the risk along with him.

Annabelle Wallis joined Tom in a zero gravity environment, as they filmed that plane crash over a two-day period. While Cruise describes that scene in The Mummy as having been very intense to shoot, Wallis previously revealed it was even more chaotic than that. The Mummy actress says the cast and crew were supplied with barf bags for the airplane ride, though she did say she was able to contain her nausea.

The Mummy hits theaters on June 9.

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