May 17, 2017
Little People Big World's Jacob Roloff Hates The Show, Rejects Family's Christian Beliefs: Do They Get Along?

Little People, Big World's Jacob Roloff is not like the rest of his family. He doesn't appear on the show (and in fact, he hates it), and he doesn't share the family's Christian beliefs. In fact, the 20-year-old has publicly slammed the show that made his family famous, and routinely slams his family's Christian beliefs on his website. So does that mean that Jacob and his family are estranged?

Tooling Around The West With His Girlfriend

Unlike his older twin brothers, 27-year-old Zach and Jeremy, who have gotten married and are starting families of their own, Zach has put his family in the rear-view mirror and is instead driving around the Western part of the country with his girlfriend, Isabel Rock Garreton.

Living out of the back of their truck, according to Radar Online, the couple go where the road takes them, see what's going on, and document it all on their web series, Rock & Roloff Road Trip.

Conspicuously absent from Jacob's web series are members of his family - except for older sister Molly, that is, who makes a brief appearance. Molly doesn't appear on Little People Big World much either, but for different reasons: Radar Online describes her as "camera shy."

Dissing The Show That Made His Family Famous

Jacob does not have good things to say about Little People Big World, the show that turned his family into household names. Most of the bad blood, as Radar Online reported back in 2015, comes from a contract dispute. Specifically, Jacob claimed on Twitter that he had been "f**ked out of" his share of the money from the years when he was a regular feature on the show.

As for who Jacob believes, er, "swindled" him out of his money - be it his parents or TLC - remains unclear. Regardless, he's not a fan of the show.

Besides money, there's something else about Little People Big World that Zach doesn't like: he believes the show is exploiting his mother, according to Radar Online. For example, he points to a scene in which his mom, Amy, and her ex-husband, Matt, talk about their separation.

"In the scene they were supposed to be discussing some serious matter…I remember though that the scene they were doing was inherently staged and fake. Whatever discussion they were acting out had already happened in real life, so this was at best a rehashing. When they came out though, I saw tears in my mom's eyes and I suddenly realized that this staged 'joke,' 'fake' thing was effecting [sic] real life in a profound way."
Jacob Doesn't Like Christians Or Christianity

Like their TLC counterparts the Duggars, the Roloff family are devout Christians - although, they practice their faith in much different ways. Jacob, however, identifies as "agnostic" and is not a fan of religion in general, or Christianity in particular, according to Radar Online.

"They have privately for so long deemed non-Christians as 'needing help' and diseased of the mind and spirit, condescendingly offering an empty platitude of the nature of 'I'll pray for you.' They don't pray for you though, they pray for themselves, their spiritual security, and out of pity that you aren't as fortunate as they to be 'in the know.'"
Does All Of This Mean That Jacob Is Estranged From His Family?

Clearly, Jacob Roloff lives his life differently from the way his family members live theirs, and isn't afraid to speak his mind. But does that mean that he's estranged from them?

That's hard to say. What goes on in private between family members is, well, private, and the press isn't privy to what's been discussed between Jacob and his family members behind closed doors.

Further, every family has that one family member who doesn't adhere to the family's lifestyle and values, and in most families, that person is still accepted and loved, regardless of their choices.

You'll also notice that Jacob's complaints aren't directed at specific family members, and indeed, he seems to go out of his way to avoid mentioning them by name in his rants. Perhaps he's being polite; perhaps he's complaining about his problems with money and religion in general, while not having problems with his family specifically.

Not for nothing, in May 2016 Radar Online reported that Jacob and his mom had "reconciled," in the form of Jacob posting a beautiful family memory on Instagram and gushing about it, and his mom responding.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms and dog moms!! Mine happens to be both, and she let me take Luney as my own when I moved out which I'll ALWAYS be thankful to her for, among other things, like enduring my adolescence and still finding reasons to 'love me forever and like me for always'.. I found this picture and I loved the memory of how simple that time was and how us kids would just run around and eat fruit, play soccer, and be outside; it was bliss! even with sibling and parent quarrels, it was all part of it. I love this picture and I love my mom, @amyjroloff!!!

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From this angle, it appears that Jacob Roloff and his family aren't necessarily "estranged" so much as they see things differently. At 20, he's a young adult just figuring out his way in life. He believes, rightly or wrongly, that he's been victimized by the show that made his family famous, and he has rejected his family's religion. But those things don't necessarily mean that he and his family all hate each other.

It just means that they live their lives differently.

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