May 17, 2017
Josh Duggar In TV Comeback? New Lawsuit Reportedly Makes Him List Women He Slept Or Talked With

Josh Duggar went from the perfect oldest son of the 19 Kids And Counting clan to the disgraced outcast in recent years, with his reported exploits causing the family's reality TV show to go off the air. Since then, a spin-off, Counting On, has succeeded in getting most of the Duggar family back to TV screens. But with rumors of child molestation, cheating on his wife Anna Duggar, and a self-confessed addiction to porn still swirling, can Josh himself really make a comeback to reality TV show amid a shocking new lawsuit?

An insider told In Touch that even though the "molestation scandal played a major role in TLC's decision to cancel 19 Kids and Counting," Duggar is making his TV comeback.

"Nobody thought TLC would ever allow [Josh Duggar] on again."
However, ratings for the 19 Kids And Counting spin-off reportedly have fallen, and that allegedly led to the decision to facilitate Josh's TV return. Jill & Jessa: Counting On needs to be saved in the eyes of the Duggar family patriarch, Jim Bob, according to the insider.

Jim Bob allegedly came up with the plan to save the Duggars' spin-off and give his outcast son a second chance. Counting On reportedly is the Duggar family's primary source of income.

"He spent a month trying to convince TLC that Josh should be back on the show. They finally caved and agreed to let him film an upcoming Counting On webisode where he'll talk about his joy at learning he's going to be a father again," clarified the insider.

"19 Kids And Counting" patriarch Jim Bob Duggar reportedly wants his disgraced son Josh to make a TV comeback. [Image by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images]

And Duggar's future reportedly depends on the response to that episode, added the source. If it's well-received, Josh's future looks bright.

"[Josh could] appear on the next season of Counting On."
Duggar exited the public spotlight after reports that as a teenager, he had "forcibly fondled several of his younger sisters," according to the publication. Soon after that, news broke that despite his marriage to Anna, Josh had set up and maintained a secret account on the Ashley Madison website, which was designed to facilitate affairs. Duggar subsequently confessed that he was addicted to pornography and had cheated on his wife, Anna.
"I have been the biggest hypocrite ever...I have secretly...been viewing pornography on the Internet and this became a secret addiction."
Josh described himself as "so ashamed" of what he termed a "double life," admitting that he "became unfaithful to my wife." In addition, the former 19 Kids star described himself as "grieved for the hurt, pain, and disgrace my sin has caused my wife and family."

With Duggar now having confessed his "sin" and gone through rehab, is the world ready for his TV comeback? Adding to the heat surrounding his possible return, Josh is facing a lawsuit in which he reportedly will have to list, under oath, the women with whom he slept or talked as a result of his online profiles, according to the Hollywood Gossip.

The lawsuit involves Los Angeles DJ Matthew McCarthy. Duggar allegedly stole McCarthy's photos to use for his own online dating profiles. As a result, Josh reportedly must testify under oath about his OKCupid and Ashley Madison accounts, and that's where the information about the other women in his life comes into play.

Josh Duggar reportedly stole a photo from a DJ to use for his Ashley Madison profile.
Josh Duggar reportedly stole a photo from a DJ to use for his Ashley Madison profile. [Image by Carl Court/Getty Images]

The DJ contends that Duggar's use of McCarthy's photos harmed him personally and professionally, thereby entitling him to damages. Thus far, Josh has not succeeded in having the lawsuit thrown out or settled out of court.

In order to "better understand the extent of his deception," McCarthy reportedly is seeking the details of Josh's encounters resulting from those allegedly stolen photos. Because Duggar reportedly had accounts on both OKCupid and Ashley Madison, the information about whom he contacted could provide for more drama than viewers of Counting On have seen thus far.

During the period when Josh lived his "double life," he allegedly enjoyed a fling with a dancer/actress Danica Dillon. However, her legal case was dismissed.

Beyond seeking details about Josh's connections through his use of the online profiles, the lawsuit also draws attention to his prior molestation scandal. McCarthy's attorney contends that the scandal caused damage to his client because of the stolen photo.

"[The molestation scandal] makes [his] forced association with Duggar all the more painful... He certainly would rather not be associated with a child molester."
Life & Style reported that Josh "will be questioned under oath" about the scandal, quoting DJ Matthew McCarthy's attorney Michelle Iarusso on the subject. The lawyer revealed that she would question Duggar about his use of Ashley Madison and OKCupid "to know the extent of the fraudulent conduct."

Iarusso clarified that the questions are designed to discover "if there are people out there who think that they have been in touch with our client because Josh was pretending to be him." As for the molestation scandal, Michelle said that her client's "prospective employers didn't like it, either."

The DJ reportedly contends that because Duggar used his photo, he lost work, was harassed by the public, and suffered "prolonged pain and embarrassment."

[Featured Image by Danny Johnston/AP Images]