True Blood Town Evacuated Over Explosives, Massive Illegal Stockpile Discovered

The True Blood town has been evacuated over explosives, and the finding is not just the lead up to a season-ending cliffhanger in which Sookie has to put her trust in the eternally-shady Bill and Eric to save the day.

The True Blood town evacuated over explosives isn’t the fictional Bon Temps, Louisiana but its doppelganger. Doyline, Louisiana is the stand-in for Sookie Stackhouse’s seat of supernatural weirdness, and the town’s 800 residents had to flee to safety when a massive stockpile of dangerous explosives were discovered — perhaps as a plot to unseat the Authority or scatter the twoeys, we’re just saying.

A local news source explains that 6 million pounds of explosive material, which is used in howitzers and was stored illegally, was uncovered on a 15,000 acre plant in Doyline:

“Boxes and small barrels of the M6 artillery propellant were found both outdoors and crammed into unauthorized buildings leased by Explo Systems Inc. at Camp Minden, the former Louisiana Army Ammunitions Plant, state police superintendent Col. Mike Edmonson said Sunday.”

Much of the town was evacuated over explosives tracing back to a blast on the grounds on October 15, and authorities initially expected to discover about one million pounds of the M6 artillery propellant. But in what Edmonson says was “careless and reckless disregard [that] made it unsafe for their own employees, for schoolchildren in Doyline, for the town of Doyline,” a far larger stockpile was uncovered in the subsequent investigation.

State Police Sgt. Doug Cain explains that the town was evacuated over the explosives as authorities learned caches were secreted in and around the plant’s grounds:

“It wasn’t in their storage magazines. They had it hidden on the property, away from the storage magazines where we would expect to find it.”

After the town’s evacuation over the explosives, crews have been working to secure the site to ensure residents of the True Blood burg can return safely to their homes.

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