Father Arrested For Child Neglect After Going On Drunken Tirade At Art Of Animation Resort

Walt Disney World is supposed to be a place where families come together and have a good time without any problems, but the real world sometimes slips in. An Ohio father was arrested at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort on Sunday night after going on a drunken tirade and tormenting others guests at the hotel. After numerous complaints, Brian Keith Olmstead ended up being arrested and charged with child neglect after endangering his own son.

The family was at Walt Disney World for a cheerleading competition, and they were staying at the Art of Animation Resort on the property. Not only did he put the well-being of his son in danger, but he also started affecting a number of other guests, according to Click Orlando.

Managers at the Disney resort said that they actually received a total of “at least 11” complaints about the 35-year-old Olmstead in a period of four hours.

Guests stated that he was pushing a child’s stroller through the resort and actually plowing through crowds of other people. While doing this, he was also using racial slurs and yelling at others as he walked past them.

Olmstead’s wife said that the family was at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex for a cheerleading competition earlier in the day. Around 3:30 p.m., her husband took their youngest son, left the complex, and returned to Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, where the family was staying.

This is when things turned bad. Olmstead went to the poolside bar and apparently drank himself into a “state of intoxication,” according to eyewitnesses. During this time, he had his son in the stroller and sitting next to him the entire time he was at the bar.

A manager at Art of Animation said that Olmstead was actually brought back to his room due to how drunk he was. Upon arriving back in the food court area near the lobby, he started threatening other guests with physical violence.

At this point, the police were called, and Orange County Sheriff’s officers arrived on the scene.

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After confronting Olmstead, officers learned that his son had been sitting in a dirty diaper for hours. Not only was he sitting in filth, but the child also had bad sunburns on his legs and on his feet.

Paramedics from Reedy Creek checked out the young child and told the police that he suffered first-degree burns from the sun. The burns were turning purple, and it is believed that they will turn into second-degree burns after a short amount of time.

Officers removed Olmstead from his Walt Disney World Resort hotel, placed him in an Orange County Sheriff’s Office car, and took him to jail. Along the drive to the jail, Olmstead began calling one deputy names and also said that Donald Trump was going to kill the deputy.

Brian Keith Olmstead was arrested and booked on one charge of child neglect. He posted a bond of $2,200 and was released late on Monday evening.

According to News 6, Olmstead had been arrested on a number of charges in his home state of Ohio, including resisting arrest and DUI.

Some people may find it hard to believe that a place such as Walt Disney World can bring about such a traumatic and chaotic occurrence. The thing to remember is that as magical as Disney attempts to make everything for its guests, anyone can pay to go there. Brian Keith Olmstead and his family were there for a cheerleading competition and to have some fun at the Art of Animation Resort, but it all ended up with him drunk and in jail for child neglect.

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