UFO Sightings 2017: Triangle UFO Hovering Over UK Videotaped By Bus Driver On Break

UFO sightings are noticeably on the rise in 2017 and one of the latest ones has recently been captured over Exmouth, in the UK. The video, which was captured by a British bus driver, shows three lights in a triangle-shaped pattern hovering in the sky.

The man who captured the UFO video is a bus driver who went outside to take a break at around 9:41 p.m. on April 17, 2017, as reported by Open Minds. Little did he know that a routine break would lead to a UFO sighting. Was it an alien spacecraft? Watch the video footage above and decide for yourself.

“I was taking [sic] to my best man about my upcoming wedding on the phone. I would normally be in our restroom, but since the clock in the restroom was fast (about 7 minutes fast) I had gone out early to wait while still chatting to my friend. While I was talking, I was just kind of walking about near the leisure center, where my bus stops, when I looked randomly over in the direction of the river, which is when I saw the three lights in a triangle pattern rotating on its axis and wobbling slightly.”

The moment he saw the mysterious lights, the witness knew what he was seeing is a UFO.

“I have been interested in the subject of UFOs since I was about 10. I told my mate I’d ring him back and started filming the lights with my phone. Due to the street lights my camera was having a hard time focusing on the formation, so I moved closer to the river to get a better view – in some haste since I still had to drive a bus which was going to be there at any moment.”

The witness said he had to cut the video short because he needed to go back to the bus stop. While walking back towards his bus, he chanced upon four people getting out of their car at the car park. He pointed out the strange lights to them — “to which they showed a bit of interest, but not much.”

Shortly after his bus arrived at 10:02 p.m., he showed the UFO footage to a co-worker. The co-worker, he said, pointed out that the strange lights could have been laser pointers or a drone.

Eight minutes later, the driver drove to the turn-around point and back towards the spot where he saw the strange lights in the sky. The triangle-shaped UFO, however, was already gone by then.

“… the lights were gone by the time I got back down to town – and could not see them on the way down as I had a good view over the area due to the road I was driving,” he said.

In the YouTube video shared by Secureteam10, a certain user who goes by the handle TomKennedy7 wrote that he saw a similar-looking UFO “which was also rotating on its axis but very slowly in the UK.”

Pressed by other YouTube users to divulge more information on his alleged UFO sighting, Tom Kennedy replied that he saw the UFO about two years ago. He proceeded to post his own footage in the thread.

“This was about two years ago. One of the three lights is quite faded and you will notice that from the start to the end the position of the lights moved. I didn’t remember this happening to me at all until i was looking through my phone and found it which reminded me of it but not too well.”


UFO sightings are not limited to those seen from the ground. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a UFO the size of a bus was spotted at the International Space Station (ISS) via a NASA video.

Do these UFO videos provide a convincing argument that aliens pay us regular visits? Will there be more UFO sightings to come in 2017? We’ll keep you posted. Keep your eye on the skies until then.

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