Jenelle Evans Celebrates Mother’s Day Without Jace, Blames Barbara

Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara, have been in a heated battle over Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace, for the past several years. When Jenelle gave birth to Jace as a teenager, she was deep in the partying lifestyle and would spend several more years addicted to and getting arrested for drugs. While primary custodial responsibility was signed over to Barb to ensure Jace’s well-being until Jenelle got her life back on track, Jenelle now feels like it’s high time her son lived with her full-time.

The mom of three has now settled down and is living with her fiancé, David Eason, his daughter, Maryssa, Jenelle’s son Kaiser and the daughter David and Jenelle share together. So while Jace does make overnight and weekend visits to his mother’s house, Jenelle Evans doesn’t feel like its enough–and to add insult to injury, Jace spent Mother’s Day with his grandmother instead of his mother.

Fans are firmly divided on the issue. Some feel that Jenelle Evans has it together enough that her son should live with her full-time with visits from Barb, while others feel like now that he’s seven, he is too old to be completely uprooted and start over in another location where he is no longer the only child or sole focus.

Jenelle Evans isn’t one to hold in her feelings and is often very vocal about her issues via social media. The Teen Mom 2 star revealed that she was incredibly upset that she didn’t get to spend Mother’s Day with Jace, tweeting, “#Heartbroken.”

She later took to Twitter to explain some of her sadness.

“Was mad for too long then turned into tears the rest of my night,” she wrote.

According to Jenelle Evans, she attempted to see Jace on her special day, but Barbara wasn’t having it.

“She ignores my calls and texts and took Jace and hid from me all day in her house locked up. No lie,” she wrote.

The Teen Mom 2 star may have celebrated her special day without Jace, but she did get to spend some time with her other children, which she made sure fans knew was still special to her.

She wrote on Instagram about how happy she was to have her other two children.

“#HappyMothersDay to me!???? the kids and David made me this homemade chalk board for our house and even drew one awesome picture on it. I’m in love! This day didn’t go the way I imagined but there will be many more to come in the future. #Hopeful#GoodVibesOnly#Family.”

Jenelle Evans is also playing stepmom to David Eason’s daughter, Maryssa, and she shared a heartfelt letter that she wrote to her via Instagram with a thoughtful caption.

“This little girl came into our home at the drop of a hat the same week I gave birth to my sweet Ensley. She was having a rough time at home and I had to step in as mom right away for her. Ever since then our bond has been growing very fast lately and I’ve been loving it. She has given our family the spark and sass we were missing. She is such a good girl in school and out. Always helping out with all the kids. I’m so happy to read this and it brings me to tears knowing that you have opened up to me. At first you put up a wall but now we are like mac n cheese together. I love spending time with you and cracking jokes on your dad with me, lol. You’re welcome for everything. You deserve it along with the other kids. Love ya girl.???????? #HappyMothersDay#Thoughtful#FamilyMatters,”

Jenelle Evans has recently used social media to claim that Barb is keeping Jace from her. The pair will be appearing in court later this month to settle things once and for all.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]