Sabrina High Of ‘Return To Amish’ Arrested On Drug Charges Once Again

Sabrina High of Return to Amish is in trouble once again. Starcasm revealed that Sabrina recently got arrested on drug charges. Fans have watched her battle to try and keep her daughters on Return to Amish. She is now going by the name Sabrina Burkholder and, at the time of this report, is still behind bars in Pennsylvania.

Sabrina was actually booked into jail on May 11, but she was arrested for an incident that occurred on April 23. She is facing several charges, including possession of a controlled substance, driving an unregistered vehicle, and use/possession of drug paraphernalia. When Sabrina was arrested, she was already on probation. This was for a charge of hindering apprehension or prosecution. It is unknown exactly what this charge was from, but it appears that it might be from the time that she had a friend in her car who ended up dying of a heart attack.

Back in August, Sabrina High shared about losing custody of her daughter, Oakley. This has all been shown on the current season of Return to Amish. So far, Sabrina seems to still be behind bars and hasn’t spoken out on this offense. The fans would love to hear her side of it.

On this current season of Return to Amish, viewers have seen Sabrina High dealing with the loss of her daughter, Oakley. She had her taken away once again, and they actually took away her parental rights. Sabrina was pregnant at this time with her second daughter. She was trying to do everything that she could to keep her new baby. If she had it at the hospital, she knew she might lose the new baby right away, and she didn’t want that to happen at all. Sabrina wants to keep the baby, but she doesn’t think that they are going to let her do that.

The main issue is that Sabrina High doesn’t want to have her new baby taken away the same way Oakley did. She said that her parents don’t get to see Oakley at all now, and she is considering giving her parents custody of the new baby. She actually misses being Mennonite and likes the idea of her parents raising the baby in that environment.

Since Return to Amish is airing a new season, what is going on with Sabrina High probably won’t air on this season of the show. It is obvious that they filmed this a while ago. Sabrina was still pregnant, and now her daughter is about five-and-a-half-months-old. They are probably already done filming this season of Return to Amish, but they may give an update of some kind at the end of the season. TLC also does a lot of reunion shows, and if they do this for Return to Amish, then fans can get an update on how she is doing and if she was able to get custody back of either one of her daughters.

The Inquisitr shared last July that Sabrina High was able to get back custody of her daughter Oakley, but she did end up losing her again after that time.

She shared, “Court went great. I am definitely going to be getting Oakley back. Within the next couple of months the visits will begin to increase and she will come home then. I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing and they are pleased with my progress. Thank you for your prayers.”

It has been a constant battle for Sabrina.

Are you shocked to hear that Sabrina High was arrested once again? Do you think that she has fallen back into her old ways? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss the new episodes of Return to Amish on Sunday nights on TLC.

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