‘Return To Amish’ News: Did Sabrina High Ever Get Back Custody Of Her Daughter?

On this week’s new episode of Return to Amish, everyone heard Sabrina High talk about losing her daughter, Oakley. It was a really hard time for her not being with her daughter. Sabrina had a rough time, where she was living in her car and doing drugs. Things were not going well and she had her daughter taken away. You need to remember that this was filmed a long time ago. Now everyone is curious if Sabrina High has her daughter back or not. Back in September, Starcasm shared the news that Sabrina was able to get back custody of her daughter.

Sabrina High is now sober and taking care of herself. Sabrina shared on Facebook, asking her fans to pray for her about what was going on.

“If you think about it, please pray for me tomorrow. I have court for Oakley. Even tho I am doing everything that I can and should be doing, it’s still nerve-wracking for me. Thank you.”

She got a ton of prayers from her fans and Sabrina was very hopeful that it would all work out for her in the end. Sabrina has also been sharing photos with Harry Kreiser III, who happens to be Oakley’s father. They were spending some time together at one point.

At this time, Sabrina High had moved out of her parent’s home and things were going great for her. After court, Sabrina shared the news that it all worked out for her.

“Court went great. I am definitely going to be getting Oakley back. Within the next couple of months the visits will begin to increase and she will come home then. I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing and they are pleased with my progress. Thank you for your prayers.”

The fact that Sabrina would be getting her daughter back is huge. Hopefully, this will all end up airing on this season of Return to Amish, because fans wants to see how it all goes down for her. On the premiere, Sabrina didn’t have her daughter yet.

It turned out that Sabrina High would be getting back custody of her daughter Oakley. Things were looking great for her and fans were really excited about the news. Sabrina is now clean and has her act together. Everyone is really glad to see how she has turned her life around for the best for herself and her daughter.

Starcasm shared the news that Sabrina High is also pregnant with her second child now. None of this will probably air on the show, considering how long ago they filmed. Sabrina did share the news that she is not with Harry anymore, but he is the father of both of her children. She didn’t share how far along she is, or anything, but fans are hopeful that Sabrina will give them updates soon.

Now that Return to Amish is back, fans are really excited to watch this season of the show and see how it goes. Things were looking great tonight as they were all going to head to Lancaster and try to help out Mama Mary Schmucker because she was banished and ready to get away. This season does really look like it will be exciting to watch.

Are you shocked to hear the news that Sabrina High got her daughter back? Are you excited that things are going so great for her? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Return to Amish on Sunday nights on TLC. So far, there is no word if this will be the last season of the show or not.

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