What Is Brad Pitt Really Like? His ‘Secret Weapon’ For 27 Years Tells All

Not many people recognize the name Jean Black, but she has been a staple in Brad Pitt’s career for almost thirty years. Black is a celebrity makeup artist who has worked Pitt’s red carpet events, editorial shoots, and movies. While Black normally doesn’t give interviews, Pitt’s “secret weapon” sat down with GQ and discussed what Pitt is really like behind the scenes.

Black revealed that she first started working with Pitt during his 1990 movie, Cool World. Pitt wasn’t a star back then, but their encounter led to a long journey that included over 30 films together.

“I would say you’d never think in a million years that you would be with someone 27 years and almost 30 films. To have traveled the world with him…It’s a whole life that I would never have thought possible,” Black explained. “It’s pretty unusual for someone like Brad, or someone in that position, to be so loyal.”


Black isn’t the only constant in Pitt’s life and career. The actor has had the same manager from the very beginning, making his sense of loyalty unique in a city where turnover is a big concern. For Black, her personality is one reason why she believes Pitt stuck with her for so long.

“Brad and I are both loners. We had kind of a sense we could enjoy being in the same room without having to talk all the time. Although now that I think back I did for some reason always want to talk to him while he was reading or trying to sleep. But anyway like I said it’s kind of a rare duo, a rare thing to have someone in his position,” she added.

Black added that her friendship with Brad Pitt goes beyond work. She revealed that Pitt often comes over with friends for drinks and she considers him a part of her family. She also acknowledged how Pitt has always been there for her, even in times of personal struggle, and that their friendship goes both ways.


When it comes to actually working with Pitt, Black joked that most of her colleagues don’t think she does much to spruce up his look. Black explained that a lot goes on in the makeup trailer but stopped short of revealing her secrets behind Pitt’s appearance on screen.

“No! There’s so many things that people don’t know,” she stated. “It’s a whole psychology; it’s how you deal with people.”

Black did not mention anything about Pitt’s recent divorce with Angelina Jolie or his struggles with alcohol. The Fury star is currently in the midst of a custody battle with Jolie and recently admitted that his alcohol and drug problems fueled the breakup. Pitt and Jolie share six children and were together over a decade before calling it quits.

According to Page Six, Pitt enrolled himself in a special VIP rehab facility after the divorce. The facility is located in a private home in Los Angeles and helps high-profile celebrities deal with substance abuse. Along with rehab and intense therapy sessions, Pitt is now on the road to recovery.


Part of Pitt’s recovery program is therapy through art. Us Magazine reports that Pitt was just spotted leaving an art studio in Los Angeles sporting a new tattoo on his left arm. The tattoo displays a motorcycle with an oversized front wheel.

Pitt has been seen outside of the studio on numerous occasions and is working on a sculpture project. The new hobby has helped Pitt deal with the messy divorce and all the time away from his children.

“I find voice there, that I need,” he stated.

While Brad Pitt is finding solace in sculpting, Angelina Jolie is reportedly trying to heal her relationship with her father, Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight. According to Daily Mail, Jolie, Voight and four of her children were spotted dining on sushi together over the weekend.

Pitt famously tried to mend the feud between Jolie and Voight, and while Brangelina is no more, it seems Brad Pitt’s efforts were successful.

[Featured Image by Rich Fury/Getty Images]