Miss USA Pageant Host Julianne Hough Shares Her Secret For Avoiding Wardrobe Malfunctions

Miss USA runs the same risk as any live event, as far as sudden wardrobe malfunctions are concerned, but Julianne Hough is prepared for every eventuality. Although Julianne is currently serving as a judge on Dancing with the Stars, she has a long history of hosting events and making public appearances, so it makes sense that she may have picked up a few trade secrets along the way. In advance of hosting the 2017 Miss USA pageant, Hough reveals how she's preparing for the event and what precautions she'll take to prevent any embarrassing moments on the stage.

Miss USA Host Julianne Hough Shares Her Wardrobe Secrets

Julianne Hough has seen far too many embarrassing moments to allow herself to fall prey to similar circumstances, so, as she recently told InStyle, she does everything she can to ensure everything stays securely in place. The Miss USA host says she goes through her own private dress rehearsal, donning her planned outfit and twisting her body in every conceivable position to ensure there won't be an awkward wardrobe malfunction on camera.

Miss USA, Julianne Hough
Miss USA host Julianne Hough is determined not to experience any wardrobe malfunctions. [Image by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images]

"I like to move around, especially at after-parties, I'm always on the dance floor," adds Ms. Hough. "I wear a lot of red carpet dresses and stuff, but also making sure you try your heels on with it so it's the right length and that you can walk in the heels."

This will be Julianne's second year as the Miss USA host and she's also coming to the event as a producer, which makes this year's pageant especially exciting. For her first time producing the event, Julianne contributed some ideas for mixing up the show and adding a modern feel to it.

Hough adds that Miss USA is now less about physical beauty and more about confidence and a healthy lifestyle among the contestants. Also, Julianne says the ability of each of the women to influence their community will play a part in the pageant because she feels presenting a positive image of oneself is vital.

"The very end with the interview questions is the only time the contestants get to show their personality," Ms. Hough said. "But this year they get to talk a little more in the beginning, the top 12 instead of the top five. People get a chance to see their personalities and it [makes the interview portion] less nerve-racking for them."

On Dancing with the Stars, Julianne Hough Presents the Booty-Squeezing Lemon Challenge

Dancing with the Stars, Julianne Hough
'Dancing with the Stars' judge Julianne Hough helps David Ross overcome his butt problem. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

People reports that Julianne Hough made Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross her special project on Dancing with the Stars, coaching him on how to improve his dance game. Hough has had one specific criticism of David's performances throughout this season of Dancing with the Stars, so the judge showed up at rehearsals to offer Ross some on the spot tutoring.

"David Ross, this is my challenge for you. You better keep that booty under," said Hough, as she interrupted David's rehearsal with his partner, Lindsay Arnold.

It was then that Julianne presented a bag of lemons, pulling one from the bag and handing it to Ross.

"When I was in ballet class, my teacher used to say 'Squeeze your lemons'" explained Ms. Hough. "And we're making lemonade out of lemons!"

Guessing correctly that Julianne expected him to carry the lemon under his behind, Mr. Ross accepted the challenge and danced with the lemon in place.

Seeing David take the challenge in good humor, Hough offered the dancing pair some encouragement with her faith that they could make it through to the final Dancing with the Stars round. Julianne added that, as long as Ross continued to work on getting "that butt under," she had no doubt they could win this season of Dancing with the Stars.

[Featured Image by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]