Trump's Golf Trip #21 - Trump Golfs On Mother's Day In Sterling, Virginia, Tweets Melania 'Happy Mother's Day’

President Donald Trump can be seen in the center of the above photo, flanked by members of the Secret Service. President Trump wore a red hat at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, on Sunday, May 14, Mother's Day. Trump's arrival at the golf club seemed to mirror some aspects of the Saturday Night Live sketch below called "Sean Spicer Returns," which featured Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer tracking Alec Baldwin's version of Trump down at a golf course in Virginia, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Trump's Mother's Day Golfing Trip

As seen in closer photos of President Trump as he arrived at the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, President Trump wore black pants and a blue shirt along with his red hat, appearing to don white and black golf spikes. Trump's motorcade was photographed both leaving the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, and arriving at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling. A similar photo shows President Trump entering the golf club from a slightly different angle.

As of this writing, the Instagram location named "Trump National Golf Club Washington D.C.," which shows its close location to Sterling, does not have any impromptu photos that those using the geo-tagging location have used to upload photos of Mr. Trump, but stay tuned.

President Donald Trump motorcade at Trump National Golf Club [Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]

As news broke of President Trump golfing once more during his presidency, much of the talk on social media involves Mr. Trump golfing on Mother's Day, from those wondering how much time President Trump spent with First Lady Melania Trump during the holiday for mothers.

According to Al Drago of the New York Times, the Mother's Day golfing trip represented trip No. 21 for Trump to a golfing course since becoming president.

As reported by Bradd Jaffy of NBC News, President Trump tweeted at Melania from the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, wishing Melania and "all of the great mothers out there" a wonderful day spent with their friends and family. President Trump included the "Happy #MothersDay" hashtag in his tweet about mothers.
It isn't known yet what Melania did to celebrate Mother's Day. Recent photos of Melania from Friday, May 12, became public as Mrs. Trump honored military mothers in the White House.

As reported by Newsweek, Melania is expected to travel with President Trump for an international upcoming trip, but beyond that, there's a certain mystery to Melania's schedule.

Melania or her social media team posted the below photo to the FLOTUS Twitter account, showing Barron Trump taking a photo of his mom, as the description wished a "Happy Mother's Day!" to others.

Meanwhile, some of the feedback about Trump golfing on Mother's Day can be read below.
"He's not at Mar-a-Lago today, he's at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va. He's not even in the same state as Melania."

"What Does Trump do this beautiful ? Spend Time With Melania? Nope! He Golfs at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va."

"Best wishes from from the Trump National Golf Club in VA. That's 21 days playing golf out of 114 days as President."

"Per pool: 'We've arrived at Trump National Golf Club at 10:31 a.m.' This is Trump's 21st visit to a golf course as president."

"And who will he be having secret meetings with him this time? Does the Trump National Golf Club keep a POTUS visitor's log?"

"Happy Mother's Day honey, I'm going golfing. Call me when dinner is ready. Republican family values. 'Trump National Golf Club.'"

"Trump was seen this morning preparing breakfast in bed for Melania.... JK he went golfing."

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]