Kpop Group Triple H Defends Explicit ‘365 FRESH’ MV Controversies

Triple H members HyunA, Hui, and E’Dawn talk about their debut track “365 Fresh,” and address hate towards the Kpop unit’s MV.

Last March, we’ve heard from Cube Entertainment that Kpop star and musician Kim Hyun-ah—or most commonly known as HyunA—was forming a new Kpop sub-unit. Shortly after, just last month, Soompiconfirmed that HyunA will be joined by PENTAGON’s Hui and E’Dawn to make the new group Triple H. Not long after, Triple H finally came out with their debut MV titled “365 Fresh.”

At first glance, the MV of “365 Fresh” by Triple H undeniably exhibits controversial themes. This raised warning signals especially since a lot of Kpop fans all over the world also consists of younger girls. You can see the members of Triple H starring in the “365 Fresh” MV, which shows explicit and violent scenes including suicide, murder, alcohol, drugs, cigarette, and even an allusion to a Ménage à trois.

Naturally, Triple H and the “365 Fresh” MV came into a lot of negative comments for portraying these dark themes.

However, of course, a lot of fans loved the new Kpop group, too, and would rather focus on the upbeat vibe of Triple H’s debut song, instead of on its raunchy, and slightly violent, MV. In fact, a closer look at the lyrics of Triple H’s “365 Fresh” would let you know that the song is not even about the dark themes present in its MV. Triple H’s debut song is actually more about staying unique, looking for new things, and avoiding being stuck in a normal, mundane rut. It’s just all about staying finding new things and staying “fresh.”

A quick look at the English translation of Triple H’s “365 Fresh” reads as follows.

“Change the color that’s the same every day
Today’s homage is chameleon
We all have different young souls and lives
From the start, we’ve played together
DJ, spin it more
No pretense here, it’s natural
Organic 100%
Let’s go get’em get’em

“I’m 365 So fresh, from A to Z
Whatever I do, I get a feeling
I’m 365 So fresh, feels like
We’re flying in the sky, so free”

The negative comments to Triple H’s debut song, of course, reached the members of the Kpop group. In an interview on a Korean show, Triple H member HyunA addresses the raunchy scenes in “365 Fresh” and reveals the real reason behind the song’s slightly darker theme.

“It is not possible for everyone to like it. We wanted to avoid what is typically done. We tried to take unsustainable life (eg. drugs, drinking, etc.) and show it as tame as possible. But that’s what real youth is about anyway.”

There has also been a bit of acting that went into the creation of the “365 Fresh” MV, and the Triple H darling admits that even though acting isn’t one of her strongest suits, she would like to continue improving herself.

Acting is still awkward for me, and I already act on stage, so I don’t really feel a strong desire to pursue more acting right now.

And since he is younger than HyunA, Triple H member Hui also shares that HyunA’s “cool and scary” attitude has helped them in making “365 Fresh” and creating Triple H:

She leads us so well and we learn a lot from that attitude. And then that attitude looks so cool and scary to me.

CUBE also released the behind-the-scenes in the making of the Triple H debut track, and it shows how the Triple H members are actually very innocent about the dark themes that went into the song.

If you watch the video, you’ll see Hui struggling to make a “despicable expression” needed for a scene, and Hui fussing over HyunA who might get cold with such little clothing on. It also shows E’Dawn doing his solo scenes very well despite the lack of acting experience.

It shows how all three members of Triple H worked very hard to do the “365 Fresh” MV and it really brought out a whole new, different side to their usual adorable and cute personalities.

“365 Fresh” is the first of five tracks that will come out in Triple H’s album, titled 199X. The other songs lined up for the Triple H album are “Looking,” “Dream Or Reality,” and “Girl Girl Girl.” We’re already looking forward to what kind of MVs Triple H will be doing for these other tracks!

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