Johnny Depp's Spending And On Set Behavior: The Latest Revelations And What Other Stars Think

Johnny Depp's spending of his $600 million fortune swiftly became the subject of ongoing headlines after the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales star launched a lawsuit against his former management team, TMG.

Depp is one of Hollywood's most notable actors and has been the leading man in countless box office flicks. Needless to say, the star has raked in hundreds of millions. It has been reported that Depp's overall fortune was estimated at $600 million, but this amount has dwindled to the point that Johnny now has major amounts owing.

The lawsuit was filed mainly due to TMG having reportedly not paying Depp's taxes promptly, which led to the actor owing $6 million in taxes. That amount is one that the star apparently doesn't have. Firing back, TMG's legal team has accused Johnny Depp of outrageous spending despite countless attempts to get him to curb such habits. Depp fired back stating that he is entitled to spend his money how he wishes and then accused TMG of deflecting from their own wrongdoing.

The suit has carried on, and all the while, new claims have emerged. One such claim is that Depp is fed his lines on set through an earpiece, which means the star never has to fully learn his lines. The most recent news has come from bystanders on set for the filming of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean installment. The Daily Mail notes words of insiders who witnessed the "train wreck" on set.
"The story details how the Edward Scissorhands actor upset the Pirates sequel filming schedule, with his alleged 'excessive drinking', 'constant lateness' and 'physical fights' with then-wife Amber Heard. 'There were certainly days when our plans were challenged,' the movie's production chief Sean Bailey conceded, while also acknowledging Johnny's great talent in bringing the Jack Sparrow character to life."
The insider reportedly told the Hollywood Reporter that extras on set were made to wait hours until Depp would finally arrive for filming of scenes. There was even apparently a crew member posted outside Depp's mansion during the filming to alert the rest of the crew as to when the star was awake."When he got up, he'd turn on the light, and the moment the light went on they'd call the line producer, who would then call the directors [Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg]: "He's up! He's getting ready!"

What happened following Depp's irresponsible behavior on set included a messy split and divorce from Heard after she alleged domestic abuse and sought a restraining order against her now-ex. From this point on, the negative press about Depp has been ongoing while he attempts to get his career back on track. After multiple flops at the box office, the latest installment of the Pirates franchise was seen as his ticket back to success. However, it was yet another hit when Johnny was named Hollywood's most overpaid actor by Forbes this past year.

As the star attempts to focus on career and finding his way back to his former glory, it seems his past keeps catching up with him. The latest claims about spending and bad behavior on set have caused other celebrities to weight in. Jessica Chastain was one Hollywood star who was less-than-impressed by the actor's reported antics and techniques on set.

The Independent relays recent details of an interview during which Chastain slams Depp.

"While promoting her forthcoming film Miss Sloane, the actor was asked about a report that Depp spends thousands of dollars on a sound engineer who feeds him lines of dialogue on set via an earpiece. Asked if she had a similar memorisation technique, Chastain gave a brilliant eyeroll and laughed before replying: 'No, I guess my technique is working hard.'"
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