'Orange Is The New Black' Season 5: Episodes Leak, Release Date, And Trailer

Orange is the New Black Season 5 is set for a summer release with an official trailer out, episodes leaked online, and the synopsis for the leaks. OITNB has a scheduled release date of June 9, 2017, on Netflix; however, hackers had leaked the first 10 episodes online.

After Netflix refused to pay a ransom to the hacker(s) that identify themselves as "TheDarkOverlord," Episode 1 of Orange is the New Black Season 5 leaked online along with nine other episodes, according to TV Line. The official release will feature 13 episodes on Netflix. This isn't the first time a TV series has leaked online, HBO Game of Thrones had four episodes leak prior to its fifth season release date.

The fifth season will pick up where the epic cliffhanger of the fourth season left off. The entire season will take a new format and take place over three days. Daya has a Litchfield prison guard at gunpoint, and we will find out what she does when Season 5 premieres on Netflix.

The trailer features Piper and Alex talking about avoiding trouble as they unknowingly walk toward the prison riot. Alex encourages a curious Piper to walk away from the riot. Daya demands all the other inmates quiet down, and we hear a gunshot. Some fans are speculating that Daya shot the ceiling to control the crowd rather than the prison guard, while others speculate that she wounded him.

The synopsis for Orange is the New Black Season 5 is as follows, according to Coming Soon.
"A riot sparked by Poussey's death quickly escalates when the inmates gain control of the prison. Once they get a taste of power, chaos erupts in the halls of Litchfield. The unprecedented season will take place in real time and over the course of just three days, leaving the inmates' lives forever changed as they are emboldened to fight for redemption, resolution and the respect they deserve."
In an extended trailer, Litchfield inmates are seen controlling the prison and demanding justice for Poussey's death and their living conditions. The prison riot gains media attention, and the inmates make their demands in the emotional and action-packed trailer.

Orange is the New Black is Netflix's biggest original series, thanks to its binge-worthiness and original style. The series has been renewed for at least three more seasons and will have at least seven seasons.

Lea Delaria, who plays Big Boo, spoke with PopSugar about the fifth season and what it was like to shoot a season that takes place in three days.

"What becomes difficult about it being a three-day period is just making sure that the time frame works. This is actor-y stuff, but... we spent a lot of time going, 'What time is it? Where was I just? OK. Got it.' It was kind of rough when you're shooting out of season. Costume-wise, it can be incredibly uncomfortable for an actor. And it's been my lot in life that whenever I am outdoors in any kind of seasonal shot, I am never dressed appropriately to the weather."

The new season will shed light on corruption in the prison system. Orange is the New Black has always referenced real-life political issues and will likely take on President Donald Trump and his unorthodox style and political positions.

Orange is the New Black Season 5 will also touch on feminism, and some of the cast members talked about the label and embracing it. In an interview with Marie Claire, Danielle Brookes, who plays Taystee, stated the following.

"It's been quite empowering to see how much women can do—which we already knew, but the show highlights the fact that regardless of if you think you have nothing to offer, or don't have a voice as a woman, you do."
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