Mischa Barton Struggles To Put Her Life Together After Sex Tape Scandal

Mischa Barton went from competing on Dancing With The Stars to being hospitalized for behaving erratically and being the main star of the infamous Mischa Barton sex tape in less than a year.

Mischa Barton is fighting against two of her exes to prevent the leak of the Mischa Barton sex tape online. So far, the former The O.C. star has managed to extend restraining orders against her exes, but sneaky Internet users have allegedly gotten their hands on the sex tape.

Mischa Barton is trying to put the sex tape scandal behind her, and she even opted to flash little to no skin when she went for a night out earlier this month – probably to not tease those who have or are planning to see the infamous Mischa Barton sex tape, which has created quite a headache for the actress lately.

Earlier this month, Mischa Barton stepped out for a night out with her friends in Beverly Hills, and the actress showed little skin wearing a white lacy shirt, white slacks, and an oversized black blazer, according to the Daily Mail.

Mischa Barton’s sex tape caused quite a stir on social media, with some voicing their support for the actress, and others saying Barton should have seen it all coming and calling her bluff after her claims that she was unaware that her exes had been recording the intimate scenes.

Mischa Barton, whose acting career in Hollywood has stalled for the past 11 years, could end up being one of the most watched porn stars on Pornhub and other giants of the porn industry, as the infamous Mischa Barton sex tape has reportedly been offered for sale.

Mischa Barton, who accused her former boyfriend Jon Zacharias of recording the sex tape and her other former flame Adam Spaw for making copies of the x-rated material, obtained a restraining order last month, banning the two men from contacting her as well as selling, distributing, giving away, or leaking any pictures or videos of the actress.

However, it may be counterproductive to ban the two men, who Mischa Barton claims in the court documents are “the only two people who could have any sexually intimate photos or videos” of her, from contacting Mischa Barton if she wants to settle her sex tape scandal and discuss terms and conditions of removing the Mischa Barton sex tape and all of its copies.

In March, the month Mischa Barton publicly opened up about the existence of the sex tape, the actress was grilled while addressing reporters at the law offices of the Bloom Firm in Los Angeles.

After Mischa Barton and her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, told the press that neither of them had watched any Mischa Barton sex tape, one of the reporters cited a source as saying that the actress was seen looking straight into the camera when the sex tape was being made.

But Mischa Barton’s attorney was quick to defend her client and insisted that “looking at any particular direction” is no indication of “knowing that one is being recorded,” according to E! News.

Mischa Barton will apparently not be able to put her life together until after the infamous Mischa Barton sex tape and its copies are removed.

The actress’s lawyer said “we will not rest” until they secure permanent orders protecting her rights to “the privacy of images of her own body.” Users on social media are skeptical that Mischa Barton was unaware that the sex tape was being recorded during sex, and many say the actress is to blame for the whole scandal.

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