Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt To Reconcile? How Their Kids Are Reportedly Bringing Couple Back Together

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt could potentially be getting back together, it’s been alleged.

Last month, it was reported that Angelina Jolie had purchased a multi-million dollar home in Los Feliz, California, but from what sources are claiming now, her decision in doing so was simply because her children wanted to be closer to their father.

Brad supposedly only lives three miles away from the newly-purchased home, according to Daily Mail, and now Angelina Jolie and Pitt are said to be on better terms than before, it looks as if a reconciliation is likely going to be the case between the two.

Hollywood Life notes how the couple’s six children have really had a tremendous impact on the decisions they’ve been making.

It was just in September when Angelina Jolie’s team allegedly leaked stories to the press about Brad’s alcohol addiction and substance abuse, before making it known that a supposed incident between Brad and their son Maddox on a private jet was the breaking point for Jolie to pull the plug on the romance.

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Given the fact that the divorce is still active, it’s unclear where the couple stands with one another right now, but Hollywood Life shares that Angelina Jolie and Brad are in a better place than where they were a couple of months ago.

While the divorce isn’t off just yet, Angelina Jolie has been trying to build a relationship with the A-list actor, mainly for the sake of their children. She wants them to remain a family and not fall out of place because they are no longer together.

“In a perfect world, the kids would absolutely love it if mom and dad lived next door to each other,” a source shares. “That’s what they’ve been asking for. Ideally, what the kids would want is for mom and dad to get back together.”

“The kids seem to think if mom and dad live next door to each other, there will be a greater chance for them reconciling. They’re still holding out hope that one day they will all be living under the same roof. Brad and Angelina both agree that living close to each other would make the transition easier for the kids.”

With that said, of course, it goes without saying that sources believe Angelina Jolie wants a reconciliation with Brad more than anything but she’s holding out because she thinks it’s too soon to give in and make a reunion happen — especially since Brad’s behavior took such a toll on the entire family.

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The actor admitted in an interview with GQ that he’d been dealing with a drinking problem for as long as he can remember. For the fact that Angelina Jolie stood by his side for as long as she did, Brad notes that it’s rather impressive to have seen how long the actress was able to cope under the circumstance she and their six kids were living under.

In the same interview, Brad reveals that he’s been working with a therapist to better his ways and remain sober for good. In the mag, he reveals that alcohol has played a tremendous part of his life, even before he got with Angelina Jolie in 2004. It just so happened that things worsened over time, hinting that had it not been for Jolie’s decision to pull the plug on the marriage, Brad would still be drinking to this day.

News of Angelina Jolie’s kids wanting their parents to reconcile comes just weeks after reports claimed that Angie and Brad were speaking again. Angelina even gave Brad her blessings to talk about their separation in September, especially since the press had painted the mother-of-six to be anything but a doting mother and supportive wife.

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