‘Daughter For Sale’: True-Story Inspired Lifetime Movie Based On Seattle Teen Sex Trafficking Case?

Daughter For Sale is the latest Lifetime movie to air for the “Don’t Mess With Mommy Weekend” campaign. Daughter For Sale, also known as Justice Unleashed, is about a single mother whose daughter has been kidnapped by sex traffickers. The movie is slated to air on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). Directed by Farhad Mann and written by Vesta Giles, Daughter For Sale (Justice Unleashed) stars Emily Rose and Emily Tennant.

Synopsis of Lifetime Movie Network’s Daughter For Sale

LMN’s Daughter For Sale tells the story of Annalise O’Neil, a beautiful single mom who has just been appointed judge. In celebration, Annalise has a party at her lavish home. What the guests downstairs don’t know is that behind the scenes, Annalise has little control over her teen daughter, Carly.

Although she knows Carly doesn’t want to participate in the festivities, Annalise needs her to come downstairs and entertain the guests like a good little daughter. However, Carly has her own plans. To get back at her mother, who she believes works too much, she slips out of the house and into the night. While Annalise is entertaining her party guests, she discovers that Carly is gone.

After she runs away, Carly meets a handsome stranger who offers to help her. With her quick tongue, she tries to let the stranger know that she is not just another naive teenager.

This does little to stop the man from abducting Carly and throwing her into the back of a trunk, where she is whisked away to a dingy room full of other women who are waiting to be sold to the highest bidder. To Carly’s surprise, she has entered into the world of sex trafficking.

Back at her home in Seattle, Annalise is trying to retrace her daughter’s steps. But it’s worse than she thinks. This is no ordinary runaway situation; her daughter is on her way out of the country.

Once Annalise contacts police, it seems like a waiting game as detectives try to locate Carly. But this mother-turned-judge can’t sit on the sidelines until her daughter ends up dead so she moves quickly into action to find her. Will this worried mother find her daughter in time, or will she be lost forever in the underbelly of the sex trafficking world?

Did A True Story Inspire This Movie?

The subject of teen sex trafficking is a timely and frightening subject, and unfortunately it is someone’s true story. Lifetime Movie Network’s film, which is set in Seattle, might be loosely inspired by the ABC documentary Daughters For Sale. In that documentary, the case of a 15-year-old teen who ran away from home was analyzed. The teen, who was referred to as “Natalie,” stated that she ended up on the streets of Seattle, Washington, where she met a seemingly nice man who later sent her to Backpage.com. The website introduced the teen to the world of sex trafficking. The teen’s frantic parents searched for her all over Seattle. Natalie later admitted to having over 100 sexual encounters before she got out.

  • You can view the Daughters For Sale documentary here.

In a recent California case, an Uber driver had a bad feeling that a very young girl was a victim of child sex trafficking and called police after overhearing an inappropriate conversation among the riders. Today, he is being hailed a hero for his quick actions. Here is what Uber driver, Keith Avilar stated to WUSA-9.

“I looked into her eyes, and you could see the insecurity and you could see the innocence, where she was kind of going along and I’ve been that age before where you are just kind of going along like people give you stuff so you just go along with it.”

Daughter For Sale is produced by Odyssey Media Inc and Unleashed Productions. Daro Films provided distribution services. Executive producers are listed as Amar Balaggan, Christopher Colonval, Tara Cowell-Plain, Dureyshevar, Jack Nasser, Joseph Nasser, Pierre-Andre Rochat, and Keith Shaw.

Daughter For Sale, which was filmed in Canada, airs tonight at 8/7 p.m. Central on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN).

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