Wild Boy Conrad Hilton Racks Up A String Of Charges

Conrad Hilton has been arrested for violating a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend, Hunter Daily Salomon, and stealing a 2007 Bentley Continental belonging to Hunter’s father, who co-starred in Conrad’s sister Paris Hilton’s infamous sex tape.


Conrad Hilton has reignited the Hiltons vs. Hunters Salomon drama again. The 23-year-old brother of Paris Hilton was arrested on Saturday for stealing the car and violating the restraining order stemming from his 2015 split from Hunter.

And now Conrad Hilton has to go to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Conrad Hilton made headlines on Saturday night when he stole his ex-girlfriend’s father Rick Salomon’s car, drove it to Hunter’s house, and broke out into a homophobic and racist rant against arresting officers.

Conrad Hilton’s lawyer, Robert Shapiro, told TMZ that the only way for the 23-year-old troubled heir to be released from jail is to go to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Shapiro also described Conrad Hilton’s behavior during the incident as “bizarre and unusual.” But it’s nothing “unusual,” according to Hunter’s mother, E.G. Daily, who told TMZ that her family has dealt with Conrad’s “behavior” in the past.


But then his behavior stopped “for a little while,” Daily said, adding that her daughter has had no contact and had not seen Conrad Hilton for “five years.” However, media reports indicate that the two broke up only two years ago.

Daily also says she has no idea why Conrad Hilton wants to “merge” and “connect with my family.” But fans of Conrad’s sister Paris Hilton may know a little more about the merging between the two families.

In 2004, Paris Hilton took the mediasphere, and particularly porn sites, by storm when the infamous sex tape that shows Paris having sex with Rick Salomon leaked on the internet.


Paris Hilton’s sex tape was later marketed in the pornographic industry under the title 1 Night in Paris and went on to win four awards at the prestigious AVN Awards, which is often referred to as the porn Oscars.

While it’s unclear whether Paris Hilton’s sex tape had something to do with Conrad Hilton’s attempts to reconnect with Rick’s daughter, nothing seems to be stopping the 23-year-old. Conrad Hilton attempted to break into Hunter’s home just one month after she filed the restraining order against him following their 2015 split.

But this time, Conrad Hilton has gone further than that, and now he has to go through a psychiatric evaluation in order to be released from jail. Even the Hilton family’s multi-billion dollar net worth does not seem to be helping Conrad avoid jail time.

On Tuesday, a Los Angeles court charged Conrad Hilton with taking the car without consent and violating the restraining order, according to People.

Conrad Hilton, who has been in the Metropolitan Detention Center in downtown L.A. since the incident, was also charged with one misdemeanor count of contempt of court.


The heir to the family’s multi-billion dollar fortune and the youngest brother of Paris, Nicky, and Barron Hilton has been on parole since 2015. Conrad Hilton was back in court on Wednesday and then again on Thursday, during which time he swore at the prosecutor and “stared her down,” according to the Daily Mail.

In March of 2015, Conrad Hilton pleaded guilty to threatening to kill flight attendants on a British Airways flight. People cited a criminal report, which shows that Hilton shouted profanities at the flight attendants, including threats such as, “I am going to f***ing kill you!”

In 2008, Conrad Hilton was arrested for driving under the influence at the age of 16 after police officers spotted him driving erratically in Malibu. The then-16-year-old was sentenced to three years of probation, and his license was suspended for a year.

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