Lea DeLaria Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Says ‘The Rage Continues’ In Season 5

Lea DeLaria of Orange Is the New Black says that fans of the show can look forward to seeing more of that rage that ended Season 4. It will definitely continue in Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black. This should give fans even more reason to look forward to binge watching it when it comes out on Netflix on June 9, 2017. You might want to call in sick for the day because once you start watching, you are not going to want to stop!

Lea DeLaria spoke to Pop Sugar and revealed some enticing details about Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black. One of the details that she revealed echoed what other cast mates have said about the new season. Danielle Brooks, who plays Taystee, says that it is intense. Kate Mulgrew, who plays Red, says viewers will be gobsmacked. Lea DeLaria says that “the rage continues” and viewers can expect that the fifth season will start off where the fourth season ended.

Lea DeLaria OITNB rage continues
Lea DeLaria says that 'Orange Is The New Black' continues with the rage and fans won't be disappointed [Image by Mike Pont/Getty Images]

DeLaria says that the fifth season will continue to show all the elements of “real rage, darkness, drama and the real moments of laughter” that viewers have seen in previous seasons. It is one of the factors that viewers love most about Orange Is the New Black. The emotions, no matter what kind of emotions they are, are intense and crazy and wild. Lea says that this is how you know that the writers have terrific ability and skills.

Many fans would like to see more of Lea DeLaria’s character, Big Boo, on Orange Is the New Black. For the most part, Big Boo has been a supporting character. We haven’t had much of a chance to see who Big Boo really is since earlier in the show when there was a flashback that showed her becoming the butch dyke that viewers love. DeLaria says that fans of Big Boo will not be disappointed this season. Maybe Big Boo will get a romance of her own? One can only hope!


One of the interesting aspects of Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black is that it takes place over the course of three days. This should make for an interesting season because it will give the producers plenty of opportunity to go into depth with the main characters and with supporting characters. Hopefully, that means they will also include backstories of characters that have not been shown yet.

Even though Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black was leaked by hackers in April, fans seem to be just as excited about the release of the new season in June. While many fans may have been overly excited about watching the new season and downloaded the hacked version, they have not been able to watch it all. Only the first 10 of 13 episodes were released by the hacker, so fans will still have to tune in to watch the last three episodes on Netflix.

Fans of Orange Is the New Black can look forward to seeing more of Piper and Alex, Big Boo, Taystee, Red, and other favorite characters. New characters have also been added. Unfortunately, fans will miss seeing Poussey, but hopefully, she will be a part of the fifth season in the memories of the remaining characters.

In case you’ve somehow missed the trailer for Orange Is the New Black, here it is:


Have you watched the first 10 leaked episodes of Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black or are you waiting for the June 9 release date on Netflix? What are you most looking forward to seeing? Have your say in the comments section!

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