Tarek And Christina Back Together? New Cover Story Suggests The ‘Flip Or Flop’ Stars Called Off Their Divorce

For many weeks, the headlines in the magazines at the check-out counter have been dominated with the reports that Tarek and Christina El Moussa, the stars of HGTV’s hit show Flip or Flop, were in the process of getting divorced. Every day, new reports emerged about the couple’s ongoing drama — Christina’s dating life took front-and-center, and the drama was getting so ridiculous that the show was getting lost in the shuffle.

Now, after all of the drama and fighting and heartache, there’s new reports that have just emerged that Tarek and Christina are getting back together! So much for all of the divorce nonsense, eh?

According to People Magazine, Tarek and Christina reunited, briefly, at the Daytime Emmy Awards to present an award. Though they seemed to look very happy, they weren’t there because they were nominated for any awards.

What’s more, this led to speculation that they were, in fact, back together, because they joked about their divorce for the cameras.

Naturally, this led to the latest Life & Style magazine cover, Tarek and Christina are now, reportedly, back together.

The outlet, who featured Christina on the cover, reported that the couple decided to reunite because they realized they were just “better together.”

“Sources tell Life & Style exclusively that money, family, and love were all reasons behind Christina’s decision to sign on for Season 7 of the HGTV show with her estranged husband, with whom she has two kids, daughter Taylor, 6, and son Brayden, 21 months. ‘Christina realized she and Tarek are stronger overall as a unit,’ a source close to the reality star reveals. ‘But Tarek still better be on his best behavior, on and off set.'”

The couple are parents to two children: daughter Taylor and son Brayden.

That’s certainly a huge difference from then and now! In the past, they used to request that the network not give them any downtime, because downtime would lead to the two of them fighting with one another, and that disrupted the filming.

But according to Gossip Cop, the news about Tarek and Christina getting back together is “fake news.” In fact, they completely denounce the rumor, and insist that the couple is still going through with the divorce.

“She did not talk to the gossip magazine at all, nor has the divorce been called off. In fact, every quote in this story that asserts “Christina says” is actually recycled comments she has made to other publications. Rather, it’s only after readers get to the article inside the publication that it becomes clear the cover story is a complete bait-and-switch. Despite the cover’s implications, the story isn’t actually about Christina and Tarek reuniting romantically. It’s about the reality stars signing a new deal to continue filming “Flip Or Flop” together. Christina isn’t taking Tarek back as her husband. The outlet sheepishly acknowledges she’s just “taking him back as a co-star.”

That’s a pretty heavy accusation, but since Tarek and Christina haven’t made any official announcement about them getting back together, it’s unlikely that they are. And, there’s no reason to think that they’re lying, since the couple’s ratings were through the roof when they were still a couple (at least officially).

The only good thing is, Flip or Flop is still on the air, and now it has a spin-off show. That suggests that, no matter what Tarek and Christina go through as a couple, they will always have their fans.

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