‘Snatched’ After-Credits Scene: Does The Amy Schumer Comedy Have A Scene Hidden At The End?

Those who head out to Snatched this weekend will be wondering if there’s an after-credits scene that gives an extra dose of Amy Schumer’s comedy at the very end of the movie.

The film, starring Schumer and Goldie Hawn in a mother-and-daughter kidnapping caper, is the first comedy of the unofficial summer movie season, which started the previous week with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The movie follows Schumer and Hawn as they go on vacation to Ecuador and get into a wild series of misadventures that includes kidnapping and even murder.

The movie has the extra advantage of being Hawn’s first film role in 15 years, expanding the movie’s audience a bit.

But those who trek out to see Snatched will want to know if there’s an after-credits scene that would require them to stay in their seats until the credits finish rolling. For those out of the loop, the after-credits scene is an increasingly common film tactic across many genres, adding a scene at the very end of the movie that wraps up a loose plot line or adds an extra bit of comedy.

So, is there something after the credits in Snatched?

As of now, it appears all signs point to no. There was no mention of an after-credits scene in early reviews of Snatched, and the website AfterCredits.com — which keeps track of which movies have end-credits scenes and which do not — had no information about anything tucked at the very end.

There could potentially be a big crowd waiting to see if there’s an end-credits scene in Snatched. The movie is expected to open to roughly $25 million in the first weekend, putting it in competition with King Arthur: Legend of the Sword for second-place behind Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

And it also has the strength of some good early reviews, like one from Vox that noted it is a strong comedy to start the summer season — even if Goldie Hawn was a bit underutilized.

Snatched rides on Schumer’s comic timing, which is mostly very good. (The opening scene, in which she’s telling another woman in a mall store about her upcoming vacation, could stand alone as a good Inside Amy Schumer sketch.) And the film is peppered with hilarious supporting performances, including Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack as intrepid world travelers and Bashir Salahuddin as a pitch-perfect bureaucrat at the State Department.”

But if there is no after-credit scene in Snatched, it could be a boon to moviegoers. The scene-at-the-end-of-the-credits trope is starting to wear thin with both reviewers and moviegoers, and Guardian critic Jordan Hoffman noted that there is very often nothing of value in these scenes.

“While it is disheartening to see studios so flagrantly copy just about anything in the hope of recreating a successful gimmick, we’re forgetting who really suffers because of this silly trend,” he noted. “Woe betide any movie theater usher who wants to get the jump on sweeping up the Goobers wrappers after Wonder Woman even though most DC films have defiantly chosen not to ape their rival Marvel with post-credits scenes. Audiences will stay in their seats anyway, just in case. I know I will. You never know.”

So maybe it’s a good thing if there’s no after-credits scene in Snatched. At the very least, moviegoers will get an extra jump for the exits — and if they really want to see more Amy Schumer after the credits start rolling, they won’t have much longer to wait. The comedian has three more movies on the way in various stages of production.

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