'Project Blackstone' Domain Registered By Blizzard

Daniel McCall

Blizzard is known to be working on an all-new MMO called Project Titan, but the developer has kept any information regarding the game under close guard. That hasn't changed, sadly, but a new development has popped up.

Website Fusible recently noticed that Blizzard registered the domain ProjectBlackstone.com. The domain was previously owned by a man from Texas, but it isn't known if the domain was sold to Blizzard, or if the company bought it after it lapsed.

Blizzard has said nothing of any kind of "Project Blackstone" being in the works, so what this means is anyone's guess. It could be related in some way to Project Titan or, perhaps more likely than that, it could be referring to a Diablo III expansion.

Blizzard may not be willing to show Project Titan off to the public, but they're not above throwing in a few teases here and there to keep gamers guessing.

In March of last year, Blizzard COO Paul Sams revealed in an interview with Gamasutra that Project Titan has existed in a playable state internally since 2011.

"As it relates to that other [MMO], we think that it's going to be very impactful in our industry and, we hope, very impactful to the world," Sams told Gamasutra. "We think that that will be, after Diablo III, the next big thing from us. The thing that we hope will happen is that it will not stop World of Warcraft but we believe will eclipse it."

What we've heard so far suggests that Blizzard is looking to make Project Titan a more accessible--or casual--MMO than, say, World of Warcraft. Hopefully it won't be much longer before we can find out for ourselves.