‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Dario Proposes To Abigail, Chad To Get Revenge?

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Dario is about to pop the question to Abigail. This may seem a bit rushed considering that Abby is still married to Chad DiMera, and the two haven’t been separated for long. However, Dario has a good reason for the marriage proposal.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Days of Our Lives fans will see Dario ask Abigail to marry him in the very near future. Although Abby and Chad only recently called it quits, Dario isn’t wasting any time moving in on the woman he loves. While Abigail does not seem to have any romantic feelings for Dario at this time, all signs are pointing to her saying yes to the proposal.

The site claims that Dario will find himself in some big trouble yet again. The youngest Hernandez brother will find out that he’s in real danger of being deported from the United States. Dario’s mother gave birth to him while in Mexico, and that could mean he’ll be forced to leave the country. While Dario will struggle to find a way to stay in the U.S., he’ll devise a plan that only Abigail can help him with.

Dario will reportedly ask Abigail to marry him in order to keep from being deported. Days of Our Lives fans know that Dario is madly in love with Abby, but he’s also been a good friend to her. Dario has supported Abigail in nearly everything she’s done since her return to Salem, and Abby may feel obligated to return the favor. If the two are set to be married, their friendship could turn into romance very quickly. The pair will have to pretend to be a real married couple, and that is sure to complicate their already messy relationship.

Of course, Abigail’s currently estranged husband, Chad DiMera, will likely not be happy about this marriage. Chad has made it clear to Abigail that he wants to win her back, and he will do anything possible to have Abby in his arms again. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Chad does not like Dario and is furious that Abigail is getting so close to him, and allowing their son, Thomas, to build a bond with him as well.

The strain on Chad and Abigail’s relationship is said to be leading to a brutal custody battle over Thomas, with both Chad and Abby fighting for their son. Sadly, this won’t be the first time that little Thomas will be in the middle of a custody war. Before Abigail returned to Salem, Chad and Jennifer were battling for custody of Thomas, which Chad eventually gave up in order to put a rest to the family feud. However, the two came up with a better solution, and Lucas and Adrienne moved into the DiMera mansion to help Chad with his daddy duties until Abigail returned with the shocking news that she had faked her death.

After that, Days of Our Lives viewers got only a short time when Chad and Abigail seemed happy together before Abby dropped another bomb on her husband. During a vow renewal ceremony, Abigail revealed that she could no longer be Chad’s wife because of the love he still had for Gabi. Abby moved out and got a new job at the police station. She’s now looking to move on with her life, but the Dario marriage proposal is sure to throw a wrench in her plans for a new, single, and independent lifestyle.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Should Abigail marry Dario to save him from being deported?

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