Raul Rodriguez Killed Neighbor Kelly Danaher Over ‘Loud Music’ On ‘Fear Thy Neighbor’ Tonight

Raul Rodriguez shot and killed his neighbor, Kelly Danaher, over a dispute seven years ago in Huffman, Texas. Now, Investigation Discovery is airing the case on their weekly documentary Fear Thy Neighbor. Tonight’s episode, titled “Neighbors on a Dead End,” will dramatize the tragic events of May 2010, when Rodriguez gunned down teacher and fellow neighbor Kelly Danaher over loud music. The twice-convicted felon is now serving a life sentence in a Texas prison.


Summer of 2010: A Deadly Neighborhood Shooting In Huffman

Police were called to a subdivision in the 300 block of Oak Knoll, a rural community in Huffman, Texas. When officers arrived, they discovered one man dead and two other men badly injured. They had all been shot. Detectives identified the victims as Kelly Danaher (the deceased) and 43-year-old Ricky Johnson and 33-year-old Marshall Stetson.

Witnesses say that Raul Rodriguez, a firefighter and neighbor, had shot them. It all started over a dispute about loud music. The investigation found that an all-day birthday celebration was held at Kelly Danaher’s home, and Raul Rodriguez was annoyed by the party noise. But instead of contacting police and allowing them to diffuse the situation, Raul Rodriguez took matters into his own hands and showed up at the neighbor’s home with a gun and a flashlight. An argument broke out, and Raul Rodriguez fired his weapon, the Daily Mail confirmed.

The neighborhood where the dispute occurred is located in a country town, a place Raul Rodriguez had hoped he could enjoy some peace and quiet. However, neighbors say that Rodriquez, who could be warm and friendly one minute and a complete danger the next, became easily agitated by the sound of noise coming from the houses around him.

With a permit to carry a concealed weapon, Raul Rodriguez liked to walk the neighborhood armed. Authorities say that the deadly feud between Kelly Danaher and Raul Rodriguez escalated after Rodriguez was injured on the job and found himself at home full-time.

Raul Rodriguez recorded the altercation with Kelly Danaher and the two men with his cell phone. The video shows the final moment when the fatal shots were fired.

The fatal shooting video, which was supposed to show that Raul Rodriguez had acted in self-defense, sparked outrage from residents and viewers who say that it was obvious he had antagonized his neighbors and had planned to shoot. Prosecutors say that Rodriguez showed up to the house with the gun and then lured them to the lonely road, where he shot them.

Here is what Rodriguez told the 911 operator, court records showed.

“Yes, my name is Raul Rodriguez. I called again. I had to draw my weapon on somebody because I had, I told them to stop. They were drunk, they coming at me. I told them to stop. They kept coming and I drew my weapon. Then they stopped, I put my weapon up but now they’re saying I’m sitting there waving my gun and everything and I’m not. I’m videotaping everything right now… You know, it’s just me against everybody. I’ve got, I’ve got… Ah look, there’s about 15 people here. Look, I’m in fear for my life right now. I’m in very… That’s why I drew my weapon. I’m in fear for my life. Please help me now… They’re going to kill me.”

For his actions, Raul Rodriguez was arrested and charged with murder. A jury convicted him twice. In the first trial, he was sentenced to 40 years in prison. However, that verdict was thrown out. The second trial still resulted in a guilty verdict, but he received life in prison, instead.


Fear Thy Neighbor offers more details in the case. Tune into Fear Thy Neighbor tonight at 9/8 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery. On a previous Fear Thy Neighbor episode, the case of Michael Zagars was shown.

Raul Rodriguez Shooting Video

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