‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Adam Newman Recast Auditions Continue – Who Will Be New Adam On ‘Y&R’?

Young and the Restless spoilers say auditions are still underway for the recast role of Adam Newman (formerly Michael Muhney and Justin Hartley). This week, four actors were spotted at CBS Daytime studios reading for a part. Jason-Shane Scott shared a photo of himself leaving an audition at CBS on Instagram, but later, he deleted it. Also, actor Jason Gerhardt posted then deleted a pic of himself at CBS studios, so it seems that Y&R is trying to keep the audition roster for the Adam Newman recast a closely guarded secret. Two Y&R audition posts that remain active are from Demetri James and Joseph Cannata.

Jason-Shane Scott Auditioned For CBS

Jason-Shane Scott is a six-foot-tall, green-eyed hunk who recently appeared on Famous in Love as Brody and has been on 15 episodes of the web soap series The Bay as Brad. Jason-Shane is a former model who has been working as an actor since 1996. The handsome actor did 66 episodes on One Life to Live as Will Rappaport, so he’s got experience in daytime that could help him if chosen as the Adam Newman recast by The Young and the Restless.


Jason-Shane might have some inside info on The Young and the Restless as well since he’s dating Lindsay Hartley, who was married to the last Adam Newman actor, Justin Hartley. Lindsay was married to Justin from 2004 until 2012, and they have a daughter together, Isabella Justice Hartley. Jason-Shane has also done several highly-rated Lifetime movies, including The Wrong Student, as reported by Heavy. With his good looks and experience, Jason-Shane might be the perfect replacement Adam Newman if Y&R hires him.

Jason Gerhardt Also Auditioned For CBS

The Young and the Restless may also be considering Jason Gerhardt for the role of recast Adam Newman. Gerhardt shared a photo of himself in the hallway at CBS Daytime after an audition there, but he didn’t say what role he read for on that audition. Gerhardt is another handsome devil with a history on daytime TV with his role as Cooper “Coop” Barrett on General Hospital, which lasted from 2007 until 2008. More recently, Jason had an eight-episode run as Zack Kilmer on Mistresses.


Interestingly, The Young and the Restless may have has auditioned two Jasons back to back for the Adam Newman recast – Jason-Shane Scott and Jason Gerhardt. Gerhardt is blue-eyed, while the last Adam was brown-eyed. Both actors who auditioned are tall, which is consistent with former Adam actors Michael Muhney and Justin Hartley. Obviously, Y&R needs someone who’s about the same height and build to step into the role. The soap can always explain facial differences, but an actor who’s much taller or shorter would be inconsistent.

Joseph Cannata and Demetri James Read For Y&R

News also broke today that two more actors have read for The Young and the Restless, but there is no confirmation if either was reading for the role of recast Adam Newman. A video of Joseph Cannata auditioning for Y&R leaked on Facebook today. The Toronto-born actor is newer to Hollywood with just six roles on his IMDB resume. Since one of the details that leaked about the casting of replacement Adam Newman was that Mal Young wanted to look outside of daytime for the role, this hunky Canadian would be a perfect choice.

The other actor that revealed he was at The Young and the Restless reading for a part is musician Demetri James. Of the four actors known to have read recently for CBS, James seems least likely to be cast as Adam Newman since he’s completely unlike the the past Adam actors in height and build. His Instagram post of the actor/musician in LA was captioned, “Trying out for the Young & the Restless” and he included the hashtag Newman among a litany of other hashtags but since he’s also a musician, perhaps Demetri James is part of the Reed, Tessa and Nikki plot.

Does Michael Muhney Have a Shot?

Many Young and the Restless fans still hope that Michael Muhney might return to the role of Adam Newman. There was some debate about whether Eric Braeden is using his influence to block Muhney’s return to Y&R. Yesterday, Braeden addressed fans on Twitter regarding that subject, and when he said he didn’t have “the power to hire or fire anyone,” another fan replied, “the power of influence CAN & sometimes is a very powerful tool” and then mentioned that Braeden “did a hateful interview.”

Braeden denied doing a negative interview, saying, “I did no such thing!”

But after The Young and the Restless fired Muhney, Eric Braeden spoke to Radar Online and said he and Michael Muhney had shouting matches on the set that turned physical.

Braeden denied he was involved in Muhney’s firing and claimed, “It was Muhney who wanted to get me off the show.”

Braeden also said Muhney should “keep his mouth shut. I don’t need to listen to the drivel that comes out of that person’s mouth.”


Celeb Dirty Laundry asked in a headline whether Eric Braeden “orchestrated” Michael Muhney’s firing. Finally, Eric Braeden’s recent memoir shows a still-standing grudge.

Soap Central offered a tidbit from Braeden’s I’ll Be Damned that said, “A former Y&R star is his [Braeden’s] real-life enemy.”

Although Braeden declined to name the actor as Michael Muhney, he wrote, “He was a very good actor. But he’s lucky he’s walking in one piece.”

Braeden’s book also said the two almost got into a fistfight, which aligns with his account of on-set altercations with Muhney.

Adam Recast Announcement Coming Soon?

With two actors suspected to have been at The Young and The Restless auditioning for the Adam Newman recast, it begs the question of whether Y&R executive producer Mal Young will make an announcement soon about the role. The recast news first leaked from Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens on his weekly podcast. Giddens is known for his accurate scoops and was first to report Jill Farren Phelps’ firing from Y&R and that Mal Young would take her place.

Since it was Giddens who leaked the Adam Newman recast news, it’s certain to be in the works. Meanwhile, Y&R fans eagerly await news of who will be chosen to play the resurrected son of The Mustache. So far, it looks like we’ll be waiting a while longer for an announcement on the Adam Newman recast actor chosen for The Young and the Restless.

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