‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Episode 23 Spoilers: Jerrika Hinton Out, Is Dr. Edwards Being Killed Off?

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers tease on Thursday, May 11, a major character will be leaving the ABC prime-time medical drama. It’s been rumored for months that Jerrika Hinton may take a leave of absence, but now it looks like she may be off the show for good.

The new teaser for Grey’s Anatomy Episode 23 paints a grim picture for Dr. Stephanie Edwards (Jerrika Hinton). Jerika has been on Grey’s Anatomy since Season 9. She is the focus of the new clip from the May 11 episode, as the hospital staff and police search desperately for the unhinged doctor.


In the clip, Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) was riddled with guilt over leaving Edwards with a dangerous patient. Later, she was seen wheeling the patient around the hospital, but didn’t appear to be forced to be with him.

According to TV Guide, when Jerrika Hinton announced that she was leaving Grey’s Anatomy, most assumed she would get out of town to find herself, or take some time off to deal with her grief and emotions, but now it’s looking like she may not make it out alive.

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Will Jerrika Hinton be killed off? [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

Several months ago, Grey’s Anatomy spoilers teased that Hinton’s departure would leave the door open to return as a guest star from time to time, but now fans are wondering if that was just a rumor to confuse and shock the viewers when they see her exit play out on the ABC primetime show.

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers suggest that Stephanie’s location on the May 11 episode is not known and all her colleagues are worried about her mental status. At the end of Episode 22, it was clear that Stephanie was unraveling and may not be fit to practice medicine in her current state.

CarterMatt shared that Dr. Edwards has not gotten over her boyfriend’s death and while her friends thought she was okay, it is pretty apparent that she isn’t doing well. While none of these things suggest that she will die, we cannot discount the idea, especially since Grey’s Anatomy showrunner, Shonda Rhimes loves to kill off major characters.

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Will Shonda Rhimes kill off Stephanie Edwards? [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

On last week’s Grey’s Anatomy episode, Dr. Edwards’ bedside manner is non-existent, and her confidence has plummeted —the viewers doubt that she will be able to recover in just one episode. Everyone just shook off everything she went through last season and just assumed she would be fine, but, she isn’t okay and needs help STAT.

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers indicate Jerrika Hinton could leave the series one of three ways. First, she could decide that medicine may not be the right career for her and she takes off, with the plan to discover herself. Another possibility is she could be backed into a corner and agrees that she needs help and enters a mental health facility to help her deal with her emotions. And, lastly, Rhimes could want to kill her off, which would not be too surprising.

As for the reason behind Hinton’s departure, she scored a new gig on an HBO series. She will be one of the main characters on a new series with True Blood mastermind, Alan Ball.

Grey’s Anatomy fans hope that Rhimes gives Stephanie Edwards a great exit storyline because she has been a big part of the series since Season 9. Stephanie is an intelligent and compassionate doctor, so the viewers hope the writers kept that in mind when they developed her anticipated exit from the series.


The one juicy tidbit that Rhimes did reveal about Jerrika Hinton’s exit is that her exit will be emotional and sad, and will lead the viewers into Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 season finale.

Grey’s Anatomy fans, do you think Stephanie Edwards will die on her final episode tonight?

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday nights on ABC.

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