Harry Styles: No Plans For One Direction Reunion, Set To Remain Solo Artist For Good

Harry Styles has no plans to reunite with One Direction in the future now that his solo career is in full effect, it has been alleged.

According to Hollywood Life, Harry Styles has been overwhelmed with the success his debut single, Sign of the Times, has received worldwide. The video itself garnered millions of views in just 24 hours, followed by the announcement of a world tour that sold out in minutes, Time confirms.

Harry Styles’ solo career is off to a great start, that’s for sure. So it shouldn’t surprise fans to now hear that the former One Direction member doesn’t see it in himself to get back with his former bandmates for another album — especially now that Harry Styles is making music that’s authentic to him.

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One of the biggest struggles Harry Styles and the rest of the One Direction members had to deal with was the simple fact that they all had different taste in music, which was very notable with Zayn Malik, who evidently decided to leave the group and pursue a solo career at hand.

With Harry Styles being just weeks away from releasing his first solo album, he knows that the melody, the tone, and the style of the songs he has worked on for his record are completely different than to the music he was known to sing with One Direction.

Going back to the band would be a huge step backward for Harry Styles, which is why he will not be entertaining the idea of forming a reunion with the likes of Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan, it’s been claimed.

“Harry Styles loves the fans, loves the great times and loves what One Direction has brought to his life,” the source began saying. “But he went on The X Factor to become a solo artist.”

“He is now living his dream and wants to take it to the level where he never has to worry about going backward. It’s fun to say that the band will be back together and have those rumors always around to keep the fanbase happy, but he wants to be solo.”

Harry Styles is so passionate about music that from this point forward, he only wants to work on songs that mean something to him, not tracks that are given to him because they are likely to chart well across the world. He’s teenage bubblegum days are over, the source adds.

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It’s a risk that Harry Styles is taking, but he understands that in order to be just as successful as Justin Timberlake and George Michael, he can’t rely on generic music to pave himself a solo career that has longevity. If anything, in order to stay in the business for a very long time, one has to stay true to themselves and that’s exactly what he’s working on doing right now.

News of Harry Styles’ alleged decision not to reunite with One Direction in the future comes just months after Zayn had hinted that Styles was one of the only people from the group who had not stayed in touch with him following his decision to leave the band back in 2015.

Harry Styles was disappointed that Zayn had walked out on the group in the midst of a world tour that evidently broke the hearts of millions of fans.

With that said, however, even though Harry Styles and Zayn are no longer friends, the 23-year-old still plans on supporting each and every one of his former bandmates in all of their solo projects, even those who he’s fallen out with in the past.

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