Woman In Viral Trader Joe’s Video Gets Death Threats After Rant About ‘Muslim’ Obama To Muslim Woman [Video]

The below video of an unnamed blonde woman in Trader Joe’s in Reston, Virginia, has gone viral, as reported by the Inquisitr. With rants about President Barack Obama no longer being the “Muslim” in the White House, the blonde woman has received loads of backlash after the incident was filmed and uploaded to Facebook. Now the woman at the center of the melee is speaking out about the response she has received in the wake of the video going viral, and that backlash isn’t pretty. Although remaining unnamed, the blonde woman has spoken about getting death threats.

As reported by the Blaze, the video of the blonde woman has gone completely viral.

On Facebook, the original video is currently up to 8.1 million views.

However, that news is not boding well for the woman made famous by the video, even if most viewers don’t know her name. According to The Blaze, the incident happened at a Reston, Virginia, Trader Joe’s grocery store on Monday. Now just two days later, the woman has turned to the public to claim that her rant about former President Obama being a Muslim was taken out of context.

The video was posted to the Facebook account of Jeremy McLellan, a comedian who wrote that his friend, a Muslim, recorded the video and also wanted to remain anonymous. However, with the Muslim woman filming the blonde woman telling her initially that she wished she never let the blonde woman go ahead of her in line, the Muslim woman was perhaps not expecting the blonde woman to say what she said in response.

“I wish they didn’t let you in this country.”

The assumption that the Muslim woman wasn’t born in the U.S. is one of the points that’s causing the blonde woman to be brought to task by social media users like the Twitter user below, who noted that the Muslim woman filming the video was indeed born in the country. The talk about former President Obama being a Muslim when Mr. Obama has claimed Christianity as his faith has not sat well with social media users as well.


Yet and still, the blonde woman feels the video displaying her thoughts wasn’t fairly presented and claims that she was ambushed by the Muslim woman, with the blonde woman claiming the Muslim woman said the U.S. was full of people who murder and rape others.


The blonde woman is now looking for an attorney in the wake of the viral Facebook video and has reportedly received death threats.

Comments flowing in beneath the viral Facebook video can be read below.

“‘I am very normal’ uses a cart to push a bag of avocados.”

“The fish rots from the head. Trump has given these people BIGLY b***s to say what they want! Keep exposing them, it’s hilarious.”

“Ignorance at its finest!”

“Man she needs Jesus.”

“So so quick to judge. There is more of this clip you folks did not see. Way to condemn without all the evidence. How ya feeling now.”

“It just goes to show how we still haven’t gotten over racism and oppression in this country. People are so much more willing to express their hateful remarks. This woman should be ashamed of her and she’s very uneducated. Obama is clearly not a Muslim and he doesn’t protect us from practicing Islam.”

“Just my opinion, but this in-your-face unfiltered racism isn’t scary; it’s actually amusing. No one is going to change this person’s views on minorities. Those who shake your hand in public with a smile and then express their racism behind closed doors when you’re not around – those are the scary ones.”

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