‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 865: Big Mom Loses A Lot She Holds Dear But Still Doesn’t Die – Capone & Luffy Win?

The release of Chapter 864 of the immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece was abruptly delayed for a week. While reports indicated the chapter was delayed due to the rather long Golden Week holiday, rumors claimed One Piece mangaka Eiichiro Oda needed the time to streamline the series. With the chapter releasing quite early last week, fans had time to discuss the most perplexing question: Why didn’t Big Mom go into painful convulsions and scream in agony after the Mother Caramel photo was smashed?

Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 864 spoilers and Chapter 865 speculations ahead.

Although Chapter 864 of One Piece was quite chaotic, it was very favorable to the Straw Hats Pirates, Fire Tank Pirates, and the second captain of the Sun Pirates. Luffy’s clones had successfully created an expert diversion. Although Luffy identified himself rather quickly, the primary agenda of smashing Mother Caramel’s photo was still fulfilled. Strangely, it wasn’t Luffy who broke the photo. In Chapter 864, mangaka Oda revealed who smashed the sole vulnerability of the Yonko. Brook, the skeletal member of the Straw Hats gang, wasn’t visible during the attack, and as such, he had time to sneak past everybody amidst the chaos.

Charlotte Linlin was the biggest loser in the previous few chapters. The Yonko lost quite a few things she held very dear. While the immediate loss was the humongous cake Big Mom had been eyeing since the beginning of Sanji and Pudding’s wedding, the destruction of the towering piece of pastry was the least of her worries.

Big Mom’s 35th daughter, Lady Pudding, was the mastermind behind the elaborate assassination plot that, if successful, would have wiped out the entire Vinsmoke clan and allowed the Yonko to control one of deadliest armies. Big Mom wanted control over the “clonable” Germa 66 army for quite some time. While the plan was near fruition, Pudding couldn’t pull the trigger to kill Sanji, owing to the latter’s compassionate heart. Pudding lost her focus after Sanji genuinely admired her third eye instead of being shocked. Hence, it is likely that instead of helping Big Mom kill the Vinsmoke clan, Pudding might help the family to escape the Whole Cake Island.

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It is apparent that Big Mom won’t get to command the genetically engineered soldiers of the Germa army. Essentially, Big Mom not only lost the army that Vinsmoke clan commands, but she may also lose her 35th daughter due to a massive change of heart. An emotionally driven Pudding won’t remain Big Mom’s devious executioner.

Although Jinbei had long harbored the desire to walk away from Big Mom, he made it official in the previous chapter of One Piece. The sharkman boldly announced his intentions of joining Luffy’s Straw Hats Pirates. Although Luffy hasn’t officially welcomed Jinbei into his group, it is only a matter of formality. Moreover, given the fact that Big Mom couldn’t suck out any of Jinbei’s lifespan, the Yonko has no power over the sharkman, and this leaves the brave warrior free to pursue his desire of defecting to the Straw Hats Pirates. Needless to add, Big Mom officially lost a powerful and dependable warrior.

Besides Jinbei, Big Mom also lost a feared gang leader in the form of Capone “Gang” Bege. The ruthless mafia boss was feared and loathed across the underworld owing to his barbaric techniques and cruel nature. Capone never had an interest in acquiring territory or improving his status. He only stole money and precious items after beheading the boss of any clan or family that dared oppose him. He was a powerful asset to Big Mom. With Capone gone, the Yonko doesn’t have a dependable security head.

Finally, the most precious thing that Big Mom lost was Mother Caramel’s photo. The Yonko has been confirmed to have very thick skin. As aptly described by Sanji, Big Mom is essentially an “iron balloon.” She has been known to be impervious to attacks. However, her sole weakness was Mother Caramel’s photo. Even a slight disturbance to the photo had once sent the Yonko into painful convulsions. Hence, the breaking of the photo should be devastating to her. Interestingly, despite the breakage of the photo, Big Mom might not die. Oda did not confirm the convulsions were involuntarily. Charlotte Linlin might be simply too emotional about the photo. An angered voluntary reaction might not be fatal, claim fans.

Chapter 865 of the manga One Piece is expected to be released this week. Given the complexities that mangaka Oda has to streamline within the current arc, the short one week break may be justified.

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