Kelly Ripa Co-Host: Is Ryan Seacrest Quitting His ‘Live’ Gig Already?

News broke recently that Kelly Ripa’s co-host was Ryan Seacrest. After a full year of testing out co-hosts, including everyone from Jerry O’Connell to Fred Savage, ABC finally found the right fit in Ryan Seacrest. He proved himself from his past gigs on American Idol and E!’s red carpet that he could be just as charming and capable at the job as Kelly Ripa. That said, does Ryan Seacrest actually want the job?

It’s not that hard to believe. After all, this is a big move for Seacrest. Let’s not forget that Ryan has to be bi-coastal now. When he balanced his multiple jobs, he was in Los Angeles full time, and now he will be in New York taping Live! with Kelly and Ryan for most of the week and then hopping a flight to LA to tend to his other work obligations. It could take a toll on a person.

Reports recently broke that Kelly Ripa’s co-host wanted to quit his Live! gig. According to Radar Online, Ripa fears that Ryan is going to ditch her like Michael Strahan did.

A source spoke to Radar Online about the situation, saying, “LIVE! is just another job on Ryan’s schedule. Where Kelly lives and breathes the show. It is everything to her. Her entire identity.”

Radar points to his re-upped contract with his radio show. He recently signed a multi-million dollar deal for the show, which is based in LA. Also, ABC is rebooting American Idol, and there are whispers that he might be back to host it. According to the outlet, all of these jobs worry Ripa.

“He will fly in on Sunday nights, and leave Thursday after taping two shows. Kelly fears that he is treating LIVE! as a part time job.”

That said, you can rest easy because Kelly Ripa’s co-host isn’t going anywhere.
Gossip Cop, a site dedicated to busting fake celebrity gossip, claimedthis story is erroneous. When news hit that American Idol was coming back, Ripa was the first to beg Ryan on their show to host the show, so it doesn’t look like Kelly would mind if Seacrest took on another job. That said, it seems like Ryan is on the fence when it comes to Idol, but he’s not when it comes to his new gig at Live!.

While Radar Online said that Seacrest isn’t planting roots in New York, Ryan exclusively told audiences that he’s completely shifting his life from Los Angeles to New York. A source confirmed this news with Gossip Cop, stating that Seacrest is currently apartment hunting in New York.

One factual thing we can report on Kelly Ripa’s co-host is that he received a nugget of advice from someone special. Bravo’s Andy Cohen was once upon a time in the running to become the co-host of Live! with Kelly, but odds are that he turned it down because he was too busy over at Bravo.

Recently, Cohen gave some solid advice to Seacrest about working with Kelly Ripa.

The king of Bravo told People, “I think he should not underestimate how smart she is. I just don’t think he should underestimate her in any way. She’s smart. She’s been doing that show for a long time. She’s a businesswoman, a great mom, and just don’t underestimate her.”

Of not taking the job himself, Cohen previously told Us Weekly, “I would never sleep again and I don’t already.”

What do you think about Kelly Ripa’s new co-host Ryan Seacrest? Is he a good match for the gig?

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