Kate Middleton Met Prince William While Modeling ‘Southern Charm Savannah’s’ Ashley Borders’ Designs

Though it was dropped into Southern Charm Savannah as an aside, one of the new cast members, Ashley Borders, played a role in the story of when Prince William met Kate Middleton, back in their days at St. Andrews in Scotland. Ashley, who started her career in fashion and design back when she was just 16, seems to have had a hand in the royal romance of a generation. Years ago, when Prince William and Kate Middleton were both at St. Andrews, Kate offered to wear one of Ashley’s designs in a fashion show, and the rest is reportedly history.

Southern Charm Savannah premiered on Monday following the original Southern Charm, with a respectable rating of 750,000 viewers who watched the show at 10 p.m. But the new Southern Charm Savannah is different than the original in several ways, including the fact that the cast has known each other since they were children, says the Inquisitr. And the cast, including Ashley Borders, all work for a living, and many of them own and run their own businesses.

Southern Charm star Ashley Borders was designing clothes back in high school. By the time she was in college, she was headlining fashion shoes, including one at St. Andrews in Scotland, where one student named Kate Middleton sauntered down the catwalk, catching the attention of Prince William.

“Prince William was at the school at the time — and Kate Middleton. She was one of my models. She was wearing my clothing when he spotted her, saw her.”

So, is it safe to posit that without the designs of Southern Charm Savannah‘s Ashley Borders, the world would not have Kate Middleton as Princess Catherine? The world will never know.

And the Southern Charm Savannah star didn’t stop there, as Ashley Borders has put her imprint on the world of fashion in other ways, including serving as the fashion editor of South magazine. Borders not only creates her own designs, but uses bits and pieces of previously loved clothing to creates sustainable design. Ashley explains that she loves to troll Goodwill to make something old, new again.

“Remove the shoulder pads, taper the waist. I love to make something old new again. It’s cost effective, socially responsible and eco-friendly. Unfortunately society fosters this mindset that if we are successful, we need to buy something new. I think second-hand is more interesting.”


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Ashley Borders uses her reclaimed designs to make a further statement about her concerns about overproduction in the fashion industry. And Ashley isn’t just reclaiming clothes for her own designs, she has reached out to the community to show others to do the same.

“I do workshops for Goodwill Industries showing people how to repurpose clothes so they will have the confidence to go back into the workforce. I show them that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or stay current on the latest trends to be professional.”

The Southern Charm Savannah star says that fashion is more than a way to clothe yourself.

“Fashion can give people confidence… make them feel beautiful. It’s a way to create the reality you want and be the best version of yourself.”

And Ashley Borders hasn’t just put her stamp on Savannah, as she has made her way through Dubai and China.

Have you checked out Southern Charm Savannah yet? Who is your favorite cast member?

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