Jana Duggar Reportedly Courting Family Friend Jonathan Hartono — So Much For The Tim Tebow Rumors

Jana Duggar is rumored to be courting family friend Jonathan Hartono, putting to rest any speculation that the internet is going to be able to pair her up with former football star Tim Tebow.

As Radar Online reports, Jana can “thank” her father, Jim Bob Duggar, for setting up the courtship. Whether he was tired of waiting for the 27-year-old to finally find a man (in Duggar land, a woman who’s past 25 and not married is basically an old spinster), or whether he just saw an opportunity when one presented itself, it looks as if Dad Duggar is responsible for getting the happy couple together.

Bowling With Dad

Jim Bob and Jonathan were recently spotted bowling together, in a photo captioned “1 on 1,” leading Radar Online to speculate that this was a “date” between the two men. As you may know, in the Duggar universe, a man must get the permission of his beloved’s father to enter into a “relationship” (and vice-versa), and the whole thing is called a “courtship.” Radar speculates that Jim Bob and Jonathan went bowling together to talk about a Jana-Jonathan courtship.


It bears noting that, as of this writing, speculation that Jana and Jonathan are courting is just that: speculation. Nothing official has come out from the Duggar camp – and indeed, nothing will, until the family decides to announce the news on their official blog. Being unmarried (even though she’s pushing 30), Jana is not “allowed” to have her own social media accounts, according to the strict rules laid down by her father.

Who Is Jonathan Hartano?

As it turns out, Hartano is a family friend of the Duggars. Jana (and her brood) met up with Jonathan and his people on a 2010 mission trip to Asia, and the families have been friends ever since. Here’s a pic from Jonathan’s Instagram account showing him enjoying some quality time with the Duggar family.

Missing my 19 siblings so bad! Love you all! @duggarfam

A post shared by Jonathan Hartono (@jonathanehari) on

It’s hard to get a bead on who Jonathan is, what kind of job he has, and that sort of thing. Based on his Instagram feed, which prominently features artistic renditions of scripture as well as photos of him surrounded by Asian people, it appears that he either is, has been, or is planning to be, a missionary to Asia. Alternatively, it could just be that all those people are his family; Jonathan is himself Asian.

As for Jana, she admits that she’s been picky about the guys in her life.

“There have been different guys who have come along and asked, but they haven’t been, I don’t know, the right one.”

Whether or not that means that Jana Duggar will soon be Jana Hartano remains to be seen.

What About Tim Tebow?

That she’s courting a family friend whom no one has ever heard of, instead of former football star Tim Tebow, is likely going to come as a disappointment to several of Jana’s fans. For years now, the internet has been hoping that Jana would hook up with Tim.

As In Touch Weekly reports, Jana and Tebow have been the perfect couple in the minds of Duggar fans ever since 2014, when Jim Bob Duggar met Tim’s mom, Pam Tebow, at a charity event. As far as anyone can tell, nothing happened between the two, and indeed they may very well have never even met. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from thinking Tim & Jana would make the perfect couple.

“I really want your Dad to talk to Tim Tebow, a truly Godly man! You deserve to be happy and make your own beautiful babies!”

Unfortunately for Tim, Jana’s courtship with Jonathan Hartano means that the rich, handsome, and eligible bachelor will have to look outside of the Duggars for his new leading lady.

[Featured Image by George Frey/Getty Images]