‘Little People, Big World’: New Pregnancy Photo Of Tori Roloff Shows Baby Has Dropped, Could Labor Start Soon?

Little People, Big World star Zach Roloff shared a new pregnancy photo of his wife, Tori, that shows the baby has obviously dropped. This is the first prominent baby bump photo of Tori Roloff since she shared an update on her pregnancy at 36 weeks. Fans of Little People, Big World flocked to Zach’s Instagram photo on Tuesday and commented that Tori looks like she’s going to have baby Roloff soon. But how soon after the baby drops does labor actually start?

The 26-year-old Little People, Big World expectant mother’s due date is roughly two weeks away. Rumors have been swirling for a couple of weeks that Tori Roloff could deliver early. Fans have been anxiously awaiting the delivery of the first Little People, Big World grandchild ever since news surfaced last year that Zach and Tori were expecting. Tori Roloff has been keeping the thousands of Little People, Big World fans updated on the progression of her pregnancy, mainly via social media.

The last update that Tori shared on her Instagram account on April 24 was that she was “still pregnant.” With over 45,000 likes on Instagram and several comments, the 36-week pregnancy update, along with a baby bump photo, shared that Tori was having contractions and was already starting to dilate. Tori’s Instagram followers were beginning to speculate that the newest member of the Little People, Big World family would arrive sooner than expected.

Some fans commented that while they hoped Tori would be able to carry the baby boy at least until her due date, they also couldn’t wait to “see the little one.” In Touch Weekly shared on the same day that Tori posted the latest baby bump photo and pregnancy update that her “warning signs of labor” could mean that baby Roloff “could make his debut by next week.” However, a week from April 24 was over nine days ago, and Tori Roloff is still obviously very pregnant, as shown by Zach Roloff’s recent Instagram photo.

Zach, 26, shared the new photo of his wife’s baby bump on Tuesday, and Little People, Big World fans noticed right away that her belly had dropped. One fan commented that “baby looks low,” while another fan commented that Tori Roloff looks “really ready” to give birth. Tori has been regularly posting new baby bump photos, along with a pregnancy update, about every two to three weeks on her Instagram account. It’s already been over two weeks since her last update at the end of April, but 12 days ago, Tori shared with Little People, Big World fans via her Instagram account that she was on maternity leave from her job as a kindergarten teacher.

Tori’s followers said they hoped she enjoyed her time off with her little one. But how soon really can Little People, Big World fans expect Tori to go into labor if baby Roloff has, in fact, already dropped? No matter what, Tori is due to deliver in a couple of weeks, and, according to an article on Ask Dr. Sears, a baby usually drops within two weeks of delivery for first-time mothers, with water usually breaking well into labor. If Tori’s latest baby bump photo does show that baby Roloff has moved lower into the abdomen, then pregnancy seems to be progressing as expected for the first-time Little People, Big World mom, based on her calculated due date.

Zach Roloff also recently shared that his 20-year-old younger brother, Jacob, and his 21-year-old girlfriend, Isabel, set out on the “road trip of a lifetime.” Jacob and Izzy are supposed to be embarking on a three-week road trip to visit several states and national parks in the Pacific Midwest, leaving Little People, Big World fans to worry that Jacob won’t be around for the birth of his first nephew. However, Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff, 52, recently took to her own Instagram account to squelch those rumors. Amy posted a photo on Tuesday of herself posing with Jacob and Izzy during a two-week visit before they “headed out on their road trip,” adding “They’ll be back soon. He [Jacob] wants to see his nephew that’ll be arriving soon.”

[Featured Image by Zach Roloff/Instagram]