Nintendo Switch Stocks Available Daily In NYC Store, Where Else Can You Buy The Console?

Nintendo, not a stranger to stock issues, is facing a huge shortage of the Switch. The Nintendo Switch proved to be more popular than they obviously anticipated, so now interested buyers have to keep looking for stores that carry the console. Still haven’t got one? Here’s where you can possibly score a unit.

Check Out The Nintendo NYC Store

It’s probably a good idea to see first if Nintendo itself has some stocks. The company’s flagship store is in New York, and according to Mic, it receives daily stocks of the Switch. That’s right – you can maybe get one if you’re lucky.


As Nintendo NYC’s Switch inventory gets replenished every morning, it’s better to go there early. If you don’t live in the area though, but you’re willing to drive (or to fly) there, you better start planning the trip now as the store’s Twitter account says that daily deliveries will only continue until supplies last.

Wait For Restocks In Walmart, Target, Etc.

Retailers also regularly receive new stocks of the Nintendo Switch, but it’s still extremely hard for customers to get one. Walmart, for example, offered a bundle in its website last Friday, May 5 but quickly ran out of inventory.

Good news is that its online store a Nintendo Switch bundle may again go online this coming Friday, May 12. I4U reports that this might happen every Friday 5 p.m. ET., although take note that this is unconfirmed by Walmart. But if it’s true, you can purchase one using the store’s app.


You can also check at your local Target and GameStop store if they happen to have some Switch in stock. According to the tracker website iStockNow, a couple of GameStops and a bunch of Targets received new consoles just a few minutes before this article has been published.

If you want to get updated on the arrivals of the Nintendo Switch, you can set up a notification to your email on the website. You can also try BrickSeek, which many claim to have helped them snag a console or two.

Just make sure that you can immediately run to the nearest store once it’s green-lighted by the trackers. A lot others are also keeping track of Nintendo Switch stocks, so you’re likely to encounter another Switch seeker already standing by the store when you get there.

Try Amazon Online If You Got Extra Cash

Some independent sellers on Amazon have some Nintendo Switch that are ready to be shipped. The catch is that they are more expensive than the ones sold in retailers. The console has an SRP of $299, but the ones on the online shopping website have at least a $90 markup.

The good thing about checking out Amazon is that you can even choose Nintendo Switch bundles. A seven-item package with four games, a 64GB SD card, another pair of Joy-Cons and the standard console bundle costs as much as $864. And there are other bundles that cost less.

The Nintendo Switch have also been spotted on Walmart’s website, but like on Amazon, they don’t come from the retailer but from independent sellers as well.

Nintendo Switch on top of the NES Classic Edition
[Image by forg0t/Shutterstock]

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch’s ancestor has been more elusive than ever. The NES Classic Edition that has been discontinued in April is still continuously arriving in stores but in very limited quantities. Inquisitr has also reported where and how you can still get one if you’re one of the thousands of people waiting for some stocks to get ahold of. Keep in mind that it’s only going to be harder to come by, especially since Nintendo is now reportedly preparing for the release of the Mini SNES this holiday season.

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