Kassie DePaiva On Cancer Diagnosis And Remission, Credits Her Faith And Husband

Kassie DePaiva recently announced her cancer is in remission. It was a joyous moment for the actress, her family and friends, as well as fans. In an interview, she talked about what led her to see a specialist, the diagnosis, and going into remission. She credited her faith and the support of her husband for helping her get through the ordeal.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Kassie DePaiva opened up about her cancer battle. In June 2016, she found a lump in her breast. Although she did not have breast cancer, a specialist diagnosed her with acute myeloid leukemia. At the time, DePaiva was getting ready to return to Days Of Our Lives as Eve Donovan and had a brand new one-year contract. After the diagnosis, Kassie informed co-executive producer Greg Meng of what was happening.

When the specialist told DePaiva her diagnosis, the actress was in shock. However, she relied on her faith to get her through it. She also credits her husband, James DePaiva with helping her every step of the way.

“All I could think was, ‘Well, God, if this is what you’ve got for me, show me the way.’ I just really put my faith in the Lord and went from there. Jimmy was unbelievable, and never left my side. It was just really important to have such a smart, loving man beside me the whole time, taking notes and just grabbing all the information that I was just too stressed out to hear.”


Kassie DePaiva found out about her cancer diagnosis during the Fouth of July weekend. That meant she had to wait before getting in to see a specialist. Once doctors were able to confirm the diagnosis and the extent of it, a treatment plan was put into action. The DOOL and One Life To Life alum was asked when she wanted to begin treatment. The actress wanted to get started immediately and told them, “today.”

While in the hospital, Kassie was given hope by doctors. The actress was informed that she had 16 abnormal chromosomes. They were optimistic that she would respond well to treatment and said remission within six months could be possible.

“You just never know how your body’s going to react, so when you say remission, you think, ‘Okay, am I just going to go back to my normal life?’ That’s what you hope for, but then even when you are in remission, they won’t say complete cure for five years with most cancers, anyway.”

DePaiva also spoke honestly about chemotherapy. She explained that it is intense and the side effects from it can be difficult and painful.

“The chemotherapy was really, really intense. My first round of chemo was seven days straight, 24 hours a day, then 12 days later your hair falls out, but during that time, there are certain side effects: You get sores in your mouth, you get constipation, diarrhea, a lack of taste. All in all, you just feel really lousy, and you go back into the hospital for your second, third, fourth, and fifth round of chemo, and that chemo is 60 times stronger than the first round of chemo that you do.”


As for Days Of Our Lives, Kassie DePaiva said the writers had a great story for Eve Donovan. However, she had to focus on her cancer treatment. The actress added that executive producer Ken Corday called her one day. He said when she was well, to let them know, and she would always be part of the Days family. As for returning to acting in general, DePaiva is looking forward to getting in front of the camera again.

“I love my work, and it is something that kept me hopeful during my time of sickness knowing that if I got a clean bill of health, I could return to work. So, I know that unless they are writing in a cancer story, I can’t be camera-ready with a bald head. They could slap a wig on me, but I am looking forward to working again whether it’s daytime, nightime, commercials, whatever. But I’m hoping that I can return to my daytime family very soon.”

What do you think of what Kassie DePaiva had to say about beating cancer? Are you hoping she returns to Days Of Our Lives?

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