Fitness Trends For 2017: Beer Yoga, Goat Yoga, Crawling, Napercise And ‘Revenge Body’ Exercise

The strangest fitness trends are emerging. One of those strange fitness trends is called beer yoga, according to GQ Magazine. As seen in the below video, “beer yoga” features people sucking down sips of beer in the middle of performing yoga poses. Whereas some classes feature yoga participants drinking beer after the classes, other “beer yoga” classes show the yoga participants incorporating the beer bottles into their yoga poses.

According to Vice, beer yoga started out at Burning Man, and now it has caught on in Australia, Southeast Asia, and perhaps soon in the U.S. However, folks are warning about the dangers of holding glass beer bottles in your hand whilst trying to perform the tree pose in yoga classes. A slip or fall could result in injuries that likely wouldn’t have happened if the yoga participant didn’t have a glass beer bottle in their hands at the time.

The beer yoga trend joins the goat yoga fitness trend. As reported by WTOP, goat yoga began to trend about a year or more ago as the social media trend of performing yoga poses near goats took off.

Goat yoga, according to, involves yoga adherents visiting farms or other places with goats roaming nearby. As seen in the below video featuring the goat yoga trend, little goats sometimes crawl on the yoga class members as they are performing their yoga poses, like what seems to be a cobra pose in the thumbnail of the video below.

Even though worries exist about goats potentially relieving themselves nearby the yoga class members — or heaven forbids, relieving themselves on yoga mats — all in all, goat yoga is a part of a fitness trend that gets people involved with friendly animals. And the attention brought to smaller farms and the like can raise awareness and money for the animals.

Beyond beer yoga and goat yoga, another new fitness trend is called crawling, according to WTAJ.

Crawling employs a variety of muscles in the body, including the abs, the pectoral muscles and the triceps as folks crawl around like babies, or employ more traditional workout crawls, like crab crawls. Not only does crawling help with muscle-building, but it can also help to increase strength and improve the mobility that some folks can see decrease as they age.

However, crawling around on the floor can activate muscles and help with a person’s balance and improve hand-eye coordination.

Whereas the above exercises sound like they require mental and physical concentration, ‘Napercise’ sleeping classes, as reported by, sound like something easy to accomplish. The 45-minute long classes involve rooms set to the perfect temperature for napping, which can help facilitate a deep sleep — or at least a light nap, at best.

Some of the top fitness trends of 2017, according to ISPO, include electronic muscle stimulation.

There’s also the trend of water fitness, according to, which shows a resurgence of exercises based in the water. However, this new 21st-century water fitness is being called one that isn’t similar to the types of water fitness classes populated by elderly people back in the day. Instead, these water fitness classes feature boot camp style exercises like mountain climbers, squats and more.

Finally, there’s the revenge body fitness trend popularized by Khloe Kardashian. However, warns that such a fitness fad can only be good if the motives for a newfound love of fitness are good motives.

The top photo above from December 2015 shows yoga class members at Cleveland’s Platform Beer Co. holding on to their beers. The beer yoga effort has emerged as a way to get more guys, especially, at breweries interested in yoga classes, since yoga classes are often dominated by the female population.

[Featured Image by Tony Dejak/AP Images]