‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna Exposed As Alex, Will Valentin Fall For Her Charm?

General Hospital spoilers revealed that Anna will be exposed as her twin sister, Alex. Will Valentin fall for her flirty moves?

Alex will be exposed

Anna (Finola Hughes) is really Alex. However, General Hospital viewers don’t know whether the twin sisters are working together or not. Alex wouldn’t be above taking her own sister hostage to carry out her plans.

Nothing in Port Charles happens by chance… especially not if you’re name is Anna DeVane. #GH #GeneralHospital

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Griffin and Andre will be concerned about Anna, worrying that she hasn’t been to the doctor since she’s returned from her trip. They will want to know why she is putting her health on the line. Will they end up figuring out that Anna is actually Alex?

They will want to know why she is putting her health on the line. Will they end up figuring out that Anna is actually Alex?

General Hospital spoilers say that Robin may be the one who ends up convincing Griffin and Andre that there is something suspicious going on, according to TVOverMind.

Alex is not planning on letting anyone get in the way of what she needs from Valentin.

Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) will push back against Anna’s attempts to get close, but will he able to resist her persistent efforts?

General Hospital spoilers on CelebDirtyLaundry reveal that Valentin may even turn the tables on her before things go too far.

Carly gears up for a nasty divorce

Elsewhere, Carly (Laura Wright) decides that she will go after Sonny (Maurice Bernard) and tells Bobbie that she doesn’t feel bad about it. Carly finds out about Sonny and her lawyer Martina (Daya Vaidya) hooking up.

When she sees the two shaking hands during a meetup, it will initiate some major drama.

Franco (Roger Howarth) will show up on Cassdine Island, and Jason (Steve Burton) will demand to know why he is there, which will erupt into a major brawl.

Franco and Jason will eventually learn to work together to figure out how to support Jake (Hudson West). Lulu will also be willing to get along for the sake of her child. She will do whatever it takes to get custody of Charlotte.

Laura and Kevin will also be updated on Lulu’s (Emme Rylan) new strategy to play nice. Will she really get what she wants by being pleasant? General Hospital spoilers reveal that she may have to get “down and dirty” once the custody case is in jeopardy.

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General Hospital airs weekdays at 2 p.m. EST on ABC.

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