LA Lakers Rumors: Lakers Ready To Offer Multiple Young Stars In Trade For Paul George

The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to be big players in the offseason as they really have no choice but to do that. After four losing seasons in a row, the fans are truly growing restless and feel as if the “youth movement” needs some help in rebuilding a franchise that hasn’t seen glory in quite some time. Now, there are rumors circulating that the LA Lakers have a big-time plan in mind and it involves doing whatever it takes to trade for Paul George.

Larry Bird is on his way out as president, and the Indiana Pacers are going to try to revamp a franchise that has also lost its luster. With that being said, it is expected that Paul George will hit the trade block in the offseason and have a number of teams willing to throw any combination of players and draft picks the Pacers’ way.

With the Lakers looking to improve a franchise that is going nowhere, it now seems as if the former “untouchables” are now available for the plucking.

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Last month, AM 570 Sports reported that the years-old adage of the younger players on the Lakers’ roster not even in talks to be traded is no longer the case. Mark Medina of the L.A. Daily News said that without a true leader on the floor, everyone is fair game.

“If I had to guess, there are definitely going to be changes made. But as far as who stays and who leaves, it’s obviously hard to tell at this point.

“No one is safe. They don’t have a Kobe Bryant on the team anymore, so everyone is on the table right now.”

While some may find that hard to believe after how the organization has hyped its core of young players, it may be possible that they aren’t safe now. D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, and Brandon Ingram could stay in place, but if there is the possibility of landing Paul George from the Pacers, the Lakers may pull the trigger.

Lakers Nation noticed a small Lakers tidbit in a report from ESPN‘s Zach Lowe that was all about the Toronto Raptors. As he goes on about the Raptors, Lowe finally brings up teams such as the Brooklyn Nets, Phoenix Suns, and Lakers.

“The Lakers will dangle prospects for Paul George.”

It is a simple quote without a whole lot of backing to it, but more and more experts seem to be leading the way of a major trade happening so the Lakers can land George this summer. If they have any hope of trading for him, though, they will have to beat out a number of other teams.

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According to The Big Lead, rumor has it that at least five teams would be willing to “overpay” for Paul George when he hits the trading block this summer. Yes, the Lakers are one of them, but the others are the Oklahoma City Thunder, Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, and Los Angeles Clippers.

By those odds, George has at least a 40 percent chance of landing in California.

There are a number of players who could be used as trade bait to have Paul George land with the Lakers, and fans can expect to see different offers made. It is highly unlikely that he will ever play for Indiana again.

The LA Lakers know that changes need to be made and that something needs to be done regarding their roster. The youth movement is one that has a good future in mind, but many fans have already given up on waiting for the time of success to arrive. Paul George is undoubtedly one of the best players in the NBA, and there are a number of teams who will try to trade for him, but the Lakers believe Los Angeles is where he needs to be.

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